father’s day gift ideas

If you need extra ideas the Christmas gift guide I made with Russ is chock full of ideas, too! Today’s idea is so great for any dad, any age! Keep scrolling for both posts today, but I wanted to focus on an amazing discount Minky Couture offered you guys! 45% off a blanket!! WOOT!Minky Couture Discount

My husband loves a good blanket to sleep or cuddle up with, I wanted to find something super masculine for him and almost un-blanket like. Something chic we could leave out or on a chair. Enter the Premium Plush blanket by Minky Couture — it really is the perfect blanket. Minky Couture 45% off discountIt looks like a fur but feels like a dream and runs so much cooler than fur or a faux. Its beautiful enough to sit out on a chair or bedside but is the coziest thing! Minky Couture 45% off discountMy kids love to get down to their skivvies so they can really get a good wrap up in it, its what Minky Couture is famous for and they have already poached Russ’ blanket hard core.Minky Couture 45% off discountThey’re offering you guys 45% off!! Just use “EMILY45” at checkout! Check out their site for more ideas but in my opinion these are the most amazing. You can also find collegiate teams, patterns, and silk-tipped, too!

My next purchase for sure will be the Gold! It is so fur like and but the color adds that rustic, organic touch. The difference between the premium and regular Sorbet is the double lining. So you’ll get a heavier more substantial blanket or the Sorbet is going to be lighter and also less expensive! I prefer the premium because it looks so luxe!

Here’s some more shots of the blanket so you can get a feel for the texture and quality!!Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount Minky Couture 45% off discount

Happy shopping!

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