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HARD COPY: I remember very vividly when I started reading this book a couple months ago thinking THIS WOULD NEVER HAPPEN IN 2018! And I swear on the bible a couple days later I started hearing about the children separated from their parents at the border. It felt very eerie to be reading about the story while this was happening in real life.

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Before We Were Yours is a historical fiction novel about the Tennessee Children’s Home Society back in 1939 — where children were actually kidnapped or taken from their parents and adopted without their consent. The story alternates between present day and 1939 and is heartbreaking. It felt cruel as a reader at times, like the author should’ve gone easier on us but it’s all based on a true story so beware that some of the content is hard to handle. I think it would be better as a hard copy because the narrator was super irritating to me. Also overly descriptive and not subtle. It felt like I was being hit over the head with foreshadowing. Otherwise very grateful to know this story even happened as I had never heard of it before!

EITHER (Audible or Hard Copy): Secrets of a Charmed Life. Besides the title and cover being so ill-fitting of the story inside I really loved this one. The story of sisters who are caught in London during the Blitz. This story gripped me and I was so anxious to finish. It does wrap a little fast for my liking but thats the only real criticism I have. I read this as a hard copy but will put it as my Audible pick this month simply because I can’t vouch for Before We Were Yours in that format.


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