modern backed barstools

I’ve got a tall order for my ideal barstools:

  • High back — kids fall off, and they’re not that comfortable
  • Minimal design — more nooks and crannies = more spots to clean
  • No stainless steel or other high shine metals — so hard to keep looking nice with all the smudges!
  • No upholstery — ruined in 60 seconds over here
  • No faux leather cushions — I can’t vouch for the molded leather, but faux leather cushions wear horribly!
  • Not necessary but definitely a bonus: swivel!
  • $100-$200 each. Modern Barstools: Backed, Wipeable + Under $200

Here are 32 options that were considered. That plaid upholstery made the cut because they’re the freaking cutest ever. And there is one chair that’s over my budget but 40% off so I had to include such a discount as the chair is killer!


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