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Sponsored by Cocoon Cam picked by BabyList as the best baby monitor in 2018!

You’ve heard by now that our kids’ rooms are all in the basement while our room is on the main floor. We did this because we intend to be in the house for many years, and it while it’s not ideal when they’re little, it seemed preferable for a much bigger section of time. Have you done this? Are we in for it?  More worried about the big boys honestly. Does this kid look like he cares? Ha. (Never want to forget how he puts his legs up on the crib slats. They’re covered in footprints!)Cocoon Cam Giveaway We have an office on the main floor that could easily double as a nursery if it proves to be too much, but I am hoping that it won’t be too bad! To calm my own fears I think something like the Cocoon Cam in each room would be amazing! I am giving away one on Instagram today but check out all these features!Cocoon Cam Giveaway

  • Try it free for 100 nights no risk
  • Tracks breathing
  • Easy HD video pinch, zoom and night vision
  • Activity Log + Notifications
  • Intercom option
  • WiFi or Hardwired
  • Accommodates multiple cameras/rooms

I know so many of you (like me) just can’t sleep well when you have a brand new baby. Even the nights THEY sleep, I am always checking their breathing and stressing. I love that this monitor tracks breathing without wearables. It installs and tilts so you have a perfect birds eye view or has an adhesive option, too! Cocoon Cam Giveaway I love that it tracks the baby’s day so you can get a better idea of how they are actually sleeping, stirring, or details you’d like to track when you’re at work or if they’re with a sitter. I love that you can try it out for 100 days, because there’s truly hundreds in the market and finding the right one for you shouldn’t be such a risky investment! Cocoon Cam is confident enough in their product that they offer this with pride and for good reason!Cocoon Cam Giveaway

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