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This post took far too long to get put up, but she’s here and that’s all that matters, right?Sunglasses FAQ

Sunglasses. Windows to the soul. JK. But, one of my favorite accessories to buy because it can update your whole outfit. I tend to dress pretty plain, but my accessories all have opinions. Sunnies, shoes, jackets, make-up, jewelry etc. Easy to stay on-trend this way in a less expensive way.

So here’s my plan of attack on sunglasses. Trendy styles I buy on the cheap. Styles that I know will have some staying power I put more money into! I have tried a million different ways to store my sunnies and these cases are best for me. I have two, one for just black sunglasses and one for colored. I store them under my bed and I love being able to slide them out, pick what I want and not have to fuss to much. They also have lasted infinitely longer this way.

Sunglasses FAQ

COLUMN ONE – Ali (Karen Walker replica) more colors here,I also had these ones but lost them! // Free People // Quay Cafe Racer (other color options) // Ali Express x 3 ( pink aviator I can’t find but similar (or google lensless pink aviator and there’s tons!) bottom two are Chloe Carina replicas)

COLUMN TWO – Kortni Jeane // Amazon x 2 (Red are Celine replicas) I got mine here on Ali but for $4 ($10 off) but it takes longer. Pick your poison! // Ray Ban // Amazon x 2 (Yellow are SO crappy but fine for the price. Ray Ban round + gold replicas)

COLUMN THREE – Amazon (Celine replicas) // Raising Wild // Karen Walker x 2 I got both used! 1st- Faithfulls I saw two on eBay and Poshmark as of this post going up!, 2nd – FlowerPatch, a bunch on Poshmark! // Valley Eyewear “DB” // Amazon (Navy Celine replicas)

ALL BLACK CASE (case from here)Sunglasses FAQ

Grey Rimless // Black Stars (I have brown, too!) // Quay “After Hours” Matte Black (my all time favorites, I’ve bought them twice due to losing them)  // Retrosuperfuture Matte Black “Gals” // Celine Boxy Replicas // ASOS Oval Black // Le Spec “Prince” in mirrored gold and all black, be prepared to tighten the little screws.


Ali Express (direct from China and takes a couple+ weeks to arrive so not always necessary since at times Amazon has them too, but a resource for inspiration! They seem to be ahead the curve in the states), ASOS, Free People — I like FP because they have their signature frames like “Abbey Road” that they put out the hot color of the season each season, so you can bank on the shapes you like. always has knock-offs and seemingly faster than other sites I know of. I’ll scroll their sunnies for inspiration. Quay (pronounced KEY, just looking out for ya) is usually middle of the road but the quality is just as good as designer and their styles are on points they could go in either category for me. They have so many new collections they almost always have something on clearance!


There really is something to designer sunglasses, if you know, you know. The quality, weight, and ahead of trend styles (and logo if you’re into that) are what you’re paying for. Doesn’t mean they don’t snap when you sit on them, scratch when you put them face down on the sidewalk, or get lost just the same as your cheap ones.

Check Poshmark. Then eBay. Poshmark is more instant gratification since it’s not bid format and their shipping gets it there in 2-3 days usually! Watch for sales, Nordstrom Anniversary, ShopBop Friends and Family, Asos has a few designer brands and they do sales weekly it seems. I have several designer pairs but I’ve only paid full price for maybe 1 or 2.

Sunglasses FAQ


  • Cynthia
    July 11, 2018 at 7:41 am

    Where did you find that DARLING yellow dress? Thanks 🙂

    • Small Fry
      July 11, 2018 at 8:37 am

      It’s Zara! It was during their sale so I think it’s gone, I’m so sorry!

      • Cynthia
        July 11, 2018 at 10:56 am

        Thanks SO much!


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