Can I just tell you I don’t know how someone swiping would feel but I am EXHAUSTED from the last week of crazy sales. They were truly so good and I had to restrain myself. ENOUGH links already, Em! I apologize if I added to the frenzy! So hard to pass up sharing when they’re that good.

Here’s what is on my mind this week!

EATING: Nutrikid sent me this powdered shake and I’ve been working it into my boys’ smoothies and its a hit! It has 10g of grass-fed protein and a whole heap of vitamins, omegas, probiotics and no sugar! You guys know I have a super picky eater so I am stoked about this! Vanilla is great but they have several flavors here! Us “15OFF” for 15%!

WATCHING: I take it back, I finished Ozarks and it’s dark AF. Then I got my Hulu free trial because I couldn’t take it anymore — everyone talking about Handmaid’s Tail!! I have so much to say on this show. It is dark and gratuitous and uncomfortable, but it is also touching, and so well done. And the subject matter is nothing we haven’t experienced in history I could never recommend it to the general public because it’s a tough, tough watch, but I also think an important one.

Coming off binging both seasons of that, I needed something light. And my friend Kim has been literally bullying me to watch Love Island and I finally did. I’m obsessed. Two eps in. Its a freaking treasure. Anyone else watching?


Kayti gave me this KKW Bake and Brighten or whatever the heck its called and its actually really good. Super happy with it and I got a few people wondering what my highlighter was this week — here she is! I have light and its great for me! It’s not meant to bronze at all, just contour so if it feels too light that’s why! I was also wearing these earrings a Little Sycamore ring in that same video and this lip in Carina.

Today the Nordstrom Sale goes live for all and I have several posts under this one of my favorites if you’re interested. I also finally got around to taking some crappy pics of what I bought. There are so many other pieces I wish I could buy, but this is what shopping the #nsale on a budget looks like! Ha!

Tissue Turtleneck (I got this in green too. I love the idea of it for layering under jackets or sweaters. $15!)

Slim Stretch Crepe Pants — such a great fit on these pants and they come in several colors! Personally I get sick of jeans and love having something different to throw in the rotation when it gets colder! Sneakers and a graphic tee. A long overcoat and heels for dinner, a button down blouse and flats for lunch with friends. $58 down from $89.

Button Detail Crepe Skirt — this is the same brand and material and I am dead over the asymmetrical hem! It has great coverage so you can freely bend and move but it’s still so freaking flattering. The buttons bubble on this one if it’s not a little looser so I’d size up. Or if you’re pretty straight up and down you’d probably be fine with your size? $48 down from $78!

Leith Nik Block Heel — I got these in “taupe” velvet but I think they show more grey or even a dusty lavender. I think they sort of chameleon to whatever you’re wearing which is great! $50 down from $80.

READING: Wonderstruck with my kids! Caldecott winner and I’ve never seen a book like it. It’s coming out to theaters soon and is a mixture of written story and graphic novel! Super cool.

ANTICIPATING: The move, always. Started de-junking my house one drawer at a time. Trying not to get wholly overwhelmed. We have basically one more purchase to make for the necessary decor and then we’re done! I am sure we’ll have lots to add later on but as far as purchases I can make before we’re actually settled in — we’re done! AHHH!

LISTENING: Which brings me to listening. Kind of a strange thing to share but I get asked about this a lot. Am I nervous to move? Absolutely. To put all your eggs in your big dream basket is not meant to be comfortable. To truly go all in. We saved for years. We then spent every dime we have and leveraged whatever we could. We have given every last ounce of ourselves, physically and emotionally. We have hustled harder, stretched thinner, and prayed harder than ever before. I truly don’t know how Russ has done it. Working 15+ hours each day, managing the bids and the draws and the bank. Coming home and showing up for our family, too.

What keeps us going? He says heavy metal, ha. He’s literally pumping himself up with every step, to keep motivated. Thanks for that, Metallica. He also watches this clip by Jocko who is in a higher up in the armed forces every now and then and “Good” has been our inside joke every time something doesn’t go to plan. Which is a lot. So much has been put into this, it’s hard to know how to manage expectations, even after all that its still just a house, and it’s how we live in it and away from it that truly matters. I just pray that this new place fosters the family culture that we’re hoping for, that it brings out the best in us all.

It’s funny that music is keeping him going because it’s keeping me going too! I made myself a playlist of songs that sort of encapsulate what this dream means to me, and to us. It is so much more than a house. And it is meant to heal so much more than a temporal need for a place to live. And one day when it doesn’t feel so tender to the touch maybe I’ll share about it. But I turn on the playlist anytime I get scared, or unsure. I turn it on when I drive to the house and when I leave it, and I feel such immense gratitude. This turned into a novel (what else is new!) but wanted to share for whatever reason.

HUGE HUGE thank you to all of you who messaged me about my school debate yesterday. I am gonna tour both schools and see how it feels!

Have the best weekend everyone!



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