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QUICK LINKS: Firewood Shelves: made by Russ // Mint Green Credenza – Ikea “BESTA” line with the mint green high gloss Selsviken fronts // Swivel Chairs – Target // Coffee Table – Anthropologie // Couch “Forte” by CB2 // Not pictured – Chandelier // Floors are a wood look tile called Chateau Reserve by Marazzi in the color “Hickory Grove” // Painting – Family heirloom // Looking for a rug and cool intake cover for under the credenza!

The living room more than any other space in the house (maybe the ONLY space in the house to be honest) ended up looking exactly like I had envisioned! While the house was still being built, I planned out each room with Google Presentations. So easy to drop photos, rearrange, resize. I had slide for each room so I could overview the house with ease. I would track down photos of all the pieces we kept from our old spaces even down to the plants, so I wouldn’t waste anything. I think it ultimately helped me stay on budget and be more efficient when I was shopping for each room! So this is the Living Room page I made nearly two years ago now:Frame Farme : Living RoomAnd here’s the room! The fireplace wall isn’t done yet, the chandelier needs to come down several feet and I still have to decide on a rug (planning on having some basic carpet bound to the size I need since it needs to be like 12×20. But this room was easy for me to visualize and I love how it turned out!#framefarme LIVING ROOM

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FIREWOOD SHELVES: made by Russ // Mint Green Credenza – Ikea “BESTA” line. (looking for a cool vent intake cover currently.) // Swivel Chairs – Target // Coffee Table – Anthropologie // Couch “Forte” by CB2 // Not pictured – chandelier // Floors – Chateau Reserve in Hickory Grove. Wood look tile 12×48 only, via Marazzi // Painting – Family heirloom

I love the story of that painting! Russ’ is very close to his grandparents: Pip and Pop, and he spent a lot of time at their home growing up. There was a painting of Pip that her friend did of her in college that hung in their house ever since. Russ said he always loved it and when she asked him if we needed anything for the house he immediately said this painting. She is the kindest woman so of course she gave it to him and it is one of our most cherished possessions. I knew it needed to be front and center! She is a huge reminder to me of purity, kindness, service, faith, optimism, and seeing the best, and saying so, in others. I look up to her so much!

COUCH – People ask if we like this couch a lot! It’s the Forte couch via CB2 in Saddle Leather. I think the price is great, the quality is excellent and the look and design are exactly what I was looking for. I love that it goes to the ground and I wouldn’t say it’s cozy or for lounging. It’s definitely more for conversation and up-rightedness. 😉 It’s also hard to clean the crevices as I don’t want to damage the leather with a vacuum head or something. Still looking for the best way to clean it! But otherwise it works great for the space because I was hoping that the basement living room would be for more of the TV/movie watching, and upstairs would be for quieter activities. We’ll see if it ends up being that way!

COFFEE TABLE: Another one we get asked about. When I first saw the Targua Moroccan Coffee Table at Anthropologie my jaw dropped. I had everything except a coffee table picked out for this room and it was perfect. I felt like it tied the whole room together. The teal of the swivel chairs especially!  I think it balances the room and gives it that collected feel. For me, it was crazy expensive even with the 25% off coupon I used. I was sick about it but I also couldn’t find anything I loved half as much. So really, it’s the nicest piece in the house and I trimmed the budget elsewhere to make it work. I don’t regret it! It is sturdy, not fussy, I mean I use coasters to be extra safe, but I don’t worry about the kids being too rough with or around it! It’s a show stopper and the first thing people point out when they come over.

Not sure if I missed anything but be sure to ask away if I did! xo -Emily

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