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After seeing my townhouse carpets looking brand new after a carpet cleaning, I knew that if I could find a way to keep my carpets looking that clean, I might just love carpet again! Part of my problem being I’d have to clean them more than just once every couple of ayears, ha! When Hoover reached out and said they had a new SmartWash Automatic Carpet Cleaner that would do the job without making my head spin — I was in.Hoover SmartWashAt home carpet cleaners always felt daunting to me and I guess I wasn’t alone because Hoover put their engineers to the test to eliminate all my same hesitations! How much soliton do I use? How long do I need to stay off of it? When do I pull that trigger, and when do I release it? This SmartWash takes all the guesswork out, whether its the amount of solution, how to run the machine, how much water it actually puts out, and drying time! It’s all automatic and easily marked on the machine. SO easy!So Russ works in construction and basically swiped it from the house for a few weeks, using it for his professional jobs and loving it! One fateful day I wasn’t watching Raleigh very closely and he made his way up to the loft (our only room with wall-to-wall carpet.) When I finally got to him he had taken up my chocolate protein drink and spilled it ALL over the place. I immediately started crying because he has been known to spill my protein drinks before (when will I learn??) and I have never once been able to get it all the way out of our rugs. I immediately started spraying it with everything I could find and called Russ to tell him the bad news. 

He didn’t even pause, just happily said “Get the Hoover up there!” His confidence immediately calmed me down, but I wasn’t so sure, it being my first time using it. You guys, I know this sounds like the cheesiest infomercial, but it got every last drop out.  Consider me SmartWash’s biggest fan! *Cue “Ah!” and audience applause* I was so relieved, I am sure any of you with new homes or recent renovations know how awful it can feel when some damage occurs. I wish I would’ve thought to grab before and afters, but scout’s honor, I know it exactly where the spills were and I can’t see a trace.

If you have kids or pets or carpets or a mixture of all three, you will love this! It’s given me confidence in carpet again! Hoover is giving the SmartWash+ (valued at $250!) on my Instagram enter here! @emilyframe

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  • Stella Leon
    October 3, 2018 at 12:12 am

    Home cleaning systems use a dry extraction method to wash carpet. First you spread a dry absorbent compound over the carpet being cleaned, then you vacuum it with the cleaning machine. Although they usually work better than steam cleaners, dry machines and chemicals are more expensive than steamers and wet extraction solutions.


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