#framefarme: mud + garage

I feel like I always come in from the car with my hands full of groceries, babies, the babies’ stuff (he’s obsessed with carrying his backpack around) and messing with keys is just not gonna happen. Kwikset partnered up with us for our home build and one of their awesome locks solved all my full-hands problems! #framefarme mud + garageTheir Kevo line is all smart, blue tooth technology locks and we have loved the look of their Contemporary lock! #framefarme mud + garageYou sync it on your phone with an app and then all you have to do is wave your hand across the lock and it senses with your phone in your pocket or bag and it unlocks! #framefarme mud + garageSO cool, right?   #framefarme mud + garageOnce you’ve synced the lock you can access and view it from anywhere, which is always a relief to me when we leave town or I’m almost asleep in bed and can’t remember if I locked the door or not! #framefarme mud + garage  And for those who want to see here’s a bit of the rest of our garage! We have a lot of organizing to do with the rest but one thing I’ve really loved is the 1/2 space! We have 3 spots and then this random 1/2 of a space that isn’t accessible from the driveway which has been perfect for bikes, the pantry door, random storage, and shoes! I am loving having the shoes NOT in the house but also not in the way of anything else in the garage. We did a shelf for them (should’ve doubled the size.) #framefarme mud + garageAnd the rest of the mudroom! If you’re questioning a drinking fountain I give it two thumbs up. My kids use it several times a day and I’m pretty sure have increase their water intake by 100%. Not sure why Russ installed it this way, but either way, stoked about it! Also, this is the second garage door I’ve painted and I really love it because these doors from the garage get SO dirty and I feel like it camouflages it a little bit when there’s more going on than just a white door!

Forgive these iPhone photos my lens that can capture longer depths broke! Gotta get that replaced!#framefarme: mud + garageWe did quarter sawn oak for ALL our cabinets which wasn’t the plan originally (I think these were going to be painted navy?) but the more I had seen of painted cabinets wearing pretty poorly over time, I got set on the idea of just staining wood. We fell in love with this finish and our cabinet guy uses a whole slab so the grain follows across multiple doors which was cool so we did it EVERYWHERE! Ha!#framefarme: mud + garageThen off the mud bath – I’ll be sharing that next week! – are the stairs to the basement with this little landing. I am the queen of small piles by stairs so I have to have baskets or it would look wrecked! I have a basket for toys to go back to the toyroom (boys do that as part of their weekly chores), a laundry basket of their clothes to go down to the laundry room, and a plant we’ve had since we got married! It’s lived EVERYWHERE with us!#framefarme: mud + garage

Huge thank you to Kwikset for this amazing lock and partnering with me on this post! You can grab your own lock right here!


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