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We really had to tighten up the budget this past year as Russ built the house while and I worked. I cut out virtually every unnecessary purchase. Self-care was definitely on that cut-back list! Luckily I found a few ways to keep caring for myself and actually save money!self-care on a budgetI cut out highlights at the hair salon, manicures and pedicures, and I was on a complete personal spending freeze (with the exception of refilling make-up.) I shopped similarly for my boys and even though they didn’t care or maybe even notice, they went from having 10 pairs of shoes to 2. If it could be cut-back, I did it. While I am so proud of myself, I have had so many insecure moments! Being a big time shopper who used to feel like I wanted something new to wear just to get dinner with friends, it sounds silly, but I came to I realize I was using shopping as a way to hotwire my confidence. Trying to maintain YOUR interest as my readers, I felt like I had to spend money to excite you all. And have felt down on myself often that this site just isn’t what it used to be. The experience was super interesting to be witness to, that is for sure!Self Care on a BudgetI guess what I am trying to say is, if you scroll social media and it feels like everyone is getting facials and wearing new clothes and going on trips and you are on a budget and feeling self-conscious: I have been/am there and I so get it! I think it’s an important experience to have because it’s so eye-opening and takes inner self-care, and work! But, no matter what is in your bank account, don’t neglect yourself!!  Here’s what I would do in those down moments to take care of myself without actually going out and spending money!Self Care on a BudgetIt might sound counter-productive, but there were some products I was SO grateful I had to help maintain my outward appearance during this buckled-down season!  For those moments when I just wanted to feel pampered, or keep on top of my aging process, or see some quick results. They all pay for themselves over and over again and in the end saved me

  1. PMD – Perosonal Microderm Device. My number one. When I think about how much I normally would spend on a facial and then how many treatments I’ve done in the year that I’ve had my PMD I have saved SO much money. They’re also doing a buy more, save more type deal so you can get 30% off right now (selfcare30), or more depending if you spend more! Perfect time to grab gifts or go in on a big purchase with your friends or sisters!  I do it weekly and the results to my skin’s texture, tightness, and softness of my skin is immediate. I’m the first to say that I don’t have great skin. I have always had acne. Whether hormonally, caused by stress, diet, or a mix of them all, and on top of that I was told by my esthetician that my skin just wasn’t turning over like it should and it was causing a lot of my deep, more cystic breakouts. Being able to help my skin turn over and regenerate at home has been a game changer, I haven’t gotten one a cystic breakout since!
  2. Foot Care. I am barefoot a lot and my feet take a beating. My feet without a regular pedicure have been truly atrocious. Embarassingly so! Having a few tools at home to help keep them looking decent like this at-home foot file and (don’t laugh) even the Amope when you want to soften your feet up in a hurry, too! Cuticle oil and scissors and nail polish that actually stays put and shiny like this line by Essie. No heat lamp required!Self Care on a Budget
  3. Hair Mask. I do this weekly as well and it transforms how my hair feels. It gives your hair that salon softness and it’s so affordable, too! I leave it in for an hour or so and wrap it up in shower cap. I love Kristen Ess’ mask and its $14 and has lasted me nearly a year!
  4. Another purchase that pays for itself a hundred times over is at-home waxing! My husband actually bought ours and I don’t even know how to total how much we’ve saved. He waxes his nose, the middle of his brow, and ears and he waxes my brows, bikini, upper lip. Self Care on a Budget
  5. Last and maybe not for everyone, but it certainly helps me, is at-home self tanning! I just think everyone looks a little better tan and it’s such a quick thing that has a great ripple effect. I feel like my skin looks better, teeth are whiter, I can see muscle definition easier and I look more slim, too! It can be tricky at home but if you have the right products I haven’t had any problems! I love Versa’s line and make sure you use a mitt!

Any products I missed that make your at-home self care roster? Thanks to PMD for sponsoring this post — don’t forget you can save 30% off their PMD Pro with “selfcare30”!


  • sabrina
    October 29, 2018 at 12:32 pm

    umm marriage goals Russ waxing you!!! love these products and I think I will treat myself to the PMD!

  • Allison
    October 29, 2018 at 3:26 pm

    Love these ideas! I’m asking for a DIY gel nail kit for Christmas so I can have nice looking nails without the expense! I don’t think I would trust myself or my husband to wax my eyebrows, you are a brave soul!!

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