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If you saw the Home Tour on Instagram last week you know that we had a photo and film shoot here at the house for a couple of days! I’m not able to share about it just yet, but it has consumed my thoughts for months! Knowing that I’d need to have the house photo-ready was more overwhelming than I realized when I signed on to do it. Somehow, Russ powered through and had it ready to go by about 2 am the night before. For someone whose anxiety peaks when I don’t have control in a situation – this was brutal for me! I could only do so much to get the house ready, most of it was on others’ shoulders. Now that we wrapped the project I can’t tell you how relieved I am! It went amazingly well and everything worked out gratefully!

Now for the second project! As most of you know I run Bijou Market (going on this weekend!)

@bijoumarket It’s a handmade, vintage and curated shop show, held 3 times a year which houses 60+ vendors from around Utah and the Southwest for a weekend at a time. Our first market was in 2009 and since that point we have had to move the market NINE different times. Three in the last couple years alone. Not one of these places was “ideal”, but we’d make it work and keep moving forward. Dealing with landlords has been, honestly, the worst part of running the market, and we got (literally) robbed a couple years ago! Ha! For many, many years my partner Rashelle and I have said how badly we wished we had our own space. And what that space would look like and how we’d do things differently. Our bandwidth for this business has fluctuated with having babies, moves, financial struggles, and then on top of that we’d get news that we’d have to find a new venue and it was all so deflating. It seemed like we could never get out of “Survival Mode” to do what it takes to grow a business, instead of just keep it afloat.

So we decided to start actually looking for a space a couple years ago. We toured probably 4 or 5 spots, had countless listings sent back and forth, and once again found ourselves with options that weren’t “ideal” but we were willing to make them work. Talking about demolishing entire floor plans, taking down cement walls, or even starting from scratch.

And life went on. Then we got news that our 9th venue was closing. At this point our options were few. The conversations about what to do were grim. There was no peace to be had, everything felt so confusing.

And then we found one more listing.

The pictures looked promising, so we went and toured it. It was everything we ever said we wanted. It needed work, but NOTHING like the work we were looking at with the other venue options. We both felt it was right, and even cried happy tears at different points of the tour. Finally our IDEAL. And from then on things fell into place. Time after time, even when they weren’t looking good, they’d work out better than we could’ve hoped.

And now TODAY we open its doors. It’s not done, not even close, but it’s beautiful and it’s OURS! So that’s where I have been! Juggling two of the biggest projects of my career. After 18 months of building our home and all that came with that. I have wondered countlessly why the timing worked this way. I don’t think it could’ve been worse timing to be honest! I had told myself on hard days that once the house was done, Russ and I could rest. I truly didn’t think I could take another step (can’t imagine what he’s going through now renovating the building with an insane deadline for us), but my life has always been a constant state of showing me what I’m made of. I know without any doubt that there is a much greater plan in the works and my small view can’t fathom all the reasons just yet, but I know one day it will be clear.

It’s another feather in my cap when it comes to one simple truth. When things are right, they will fall into place. If you’re forcing pieces to fit, it’s not right. Or it’s not yet. Suddenly things start to click and then you’ll know. Does that mean right equals easy? Or no work? Definitely not, but the peace that comes when things are correct or correct timing can’t be bought. They are priceless!

I think the old me would’ve forced myself to do all the things, to keep posting 5 times a week which is what I’ve done since Small Fry’s beginning. But instead I let my passion and energy go where it flowed. And I tried real hard to give myself grace instead of guilt. I know it’s just a season and so I appreciate all of YOUR patience with me while I try to accomplish these big dreams. Sharing my life on a blog is something I’ve done consistently since 2005! It’s such a part of me and I’m so grateful for the chance to do it with a whip-smart, genuine and generous audience. Truly grateful for all of you and can’t wait to be back to scheduled programming!

You can follow along with the Venue’s progress on @statehousevenue Instagram page I posted a ton of before pictures and I’ll get some good afters once the market is done! And if you want to come see it for yourself it will be open this weekend for our Holiday Market!


  • Athena
    November 17, 2018 at 9:14 am

    This is AMAZING! You continue to inspire and motivate me…since our good ol’ GAP days!! Thank YOU! I am so excited to see your place! Also, loved the location when I saw it wasn’t “clear down” in Provo! 😉❣️
    This is an incredible blog…so much said in so few words!
    Love ya girlie!! ⭕️❌

  • Charity
    November 17, 2018 at 2:40 pm

    Love you!! And can’t wait to see both projects!


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