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We have had so many amazing acts of kindness from the people in our new town it really has blown me away! Even my kids can’t help but notice which made me realize we really haven’t done much to be kind and helpful others in awhile! We were so turned inward trying to get our own tasks taken care of we lost that service oriented element! As we get closer to the holidays I really want to shift our focus off of ourselves and give back! Whether it’s raking leaves, taking trash cans back for neighbors, shoveling snowy walkways, or my kids favorite: delivering treats! Abercrombie Kids was on board with our mission and they got them all decked out for our outing so they could Be Kind and Cozy! Their site is 40% off today (50% for jeans and adults!) so don’t miss those awesome deals!

Hayes: Essential Puffer // Softest Flannel Shirt // Raglan $10 // Stretch Denim //

Cal: Hooded Varsity Jacket // Tee // Chino // Hat

We’ve posted so many favorite treats over the years – pick your favorite! No fail chocolate chip cookies, Banana Bread, Holiday Beignets, Swig Cookie Dupes, Kitchen Sink Cookies, Magnolia Banana Pudding, Cranberry Bundt Cake, Mini Pumpkin Pie, or more healthy options like Oat Power Balls.They love them all and they love helping because they get to sneak ingredients.

I love asking them who has been kind to them with our move. Sometimes I am not even there for these interactions and its so sweet to hear what stays with them!Don’t let baking stop you from this fun! Store bought is just as effective and with a pretty plate they might not even be able to tell. We love these pretzels and they look pretty homemade to me!

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