family culture


We are kind and gentle with ourselves and others.

We do not need to be perfect, but we always show up.

We are on the same team and we are each other’s biggest fans.

We respect ourselves and others and the belongings of ourselves and others.

We work hard and we clean up after ourselves.

Our best words are thank you, please, you’re welcome, I’m sorry and I love you.

We can always start over with each other. Have a do-over, or a reset.

Life should be fun and filled with laughter, and if we’re not having fun, let’s examine why.

We keep our agreements and we are honest.

We love and celebrate what makes us unique in our family and in the world.

We always listen to problem solving ideas.

We gift experiences over things.

Routine: We pray and study uplifting things together everyday. We have 1 hour to watch or play on our screens. We eat well balanced meals and take care of our bodies, and we eat as a family with all screens put away and turned off. We get plenty of sleep. We clean our own spaces each week and the spaces we share. We work for our money and privileges. We look for ways to help others and we wake up with fresh courage every single day.

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