metal dining table ideas

After a years long hunt turning up nothing we loved, Russ insisted on making our dining table. Trouble is, he hasn’t had a second to do it, so here we are 6 months moved-in and still no dining table. It’s totally fine and we’ve gotten away with it, but I am so excited to get this project started! Since he has made the shift toward fabrication (welding and metal work) of course he wants to have some metal elements with the table. Our kitchen is all really light wood, the floors are pretty light wood-look tile as well. So I’d love to bring some contrast in with color, and a new material. I’m leaning towards cement top with metal legs! As you’ll see metal legs can mean a million things. Thought I’d share my faves below! See if you can guess the one Russ and I agreed on!

Love this one with a thin cement top! I believe this is tempered glass here which is awesome, too! // Source

I love the wide look of this base. // Source

Metal Dining Table Inspiration

This rounded sheet metal is so rad and unexpected. I have a lot of round elements in the living room so it could go super nicely! // Source

Metal Dining Table Inspiration

Another sheet metal look. // Source

Interesting but still simple! // Source

A little heavy for our space, but so cool nonetheless! I think it would work best for an extra long 10+ footer! // Source

Close up of the legs!

Love love this one. Ive never seen anything like it and the materials are pretty inexpensive! // Source

Obsessed with this one. The mixture of materials is so glam! // Source

Closer look at the legs. If you wanted to warm it up, make it more modern farmhouse or scandinavian inspired would be rad with light wood and black metal.

Like this! Love the mix of wood and metal stacked. // Source

Very cool. If I did this with our space (7 foot table max) I’d just do the metal in one piece centered under the table top. // Source

Very cool angles! // Source

Love the weight and angles on this! // Source

Similar but with a live edge. // Source

The dimensions of our nook sadly don’t work for a circle table but this is incredible! // Source

Okay if you guessed #1 you’re right! I think it will be a great addition and play off the lines of the stair railing and be a great focal point as its one of the first things you see when you walk into the house!

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