st. patrick’s day treats

Listen up! Next gas station run grab yourself some Xtreme Sour Airhead Ropes! Take them out of the package to get a little bit crusty. Then you’ll be all set for a slew of festive St. Patrick’s Day treats. With a little toothpick action you’ve got yourself a rainbow on whatever your kids are eating. Toast? Check. A cup of water? Check. A chocolate filled sno-ball? Why not. (Rainbow paper is from Thimblepress!)St. Patrick's Day Treat Ideas This smoothie is something my dad used to make me and it’s so yummy! You just need club soda, vanilla ice cream and sherbet. Lime for St. Patrick’s Day but any other flavor for whatever other reason you need. Equal parts ice cream and sherbet (about a cup!) and half a cup of club soda. It’s like this creamy italian soda dreamsicle. We all love it!St. Patrick's Day Treat IdeasRainbow pizza! With a cauliflower crust even!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Cloud donuts!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Spruce up your Lucky Charms with this printable!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow cupcakes!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Quintessential Irish Dinner on a stick!St. Patricks Day Treat Ideas Rainbow popcorn two ways! HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasAnd HERE.St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasRainbow fruit parfait!St. Patricks Day Treat IdeasAny ideas to add? I know I always see green pancakes and green eggs and green milk. Hopefully these help spark some new ideas! xo


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