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All tile and photos unless otherwise noted provided by Marazzi USA.

Thank you SO much for all your kind words on our home tour last week! Now that the general tour is live I can delve a littler deeper into each space and I got the most questions about the mater bath! So let’s dive in!

When we started designing the house Russ often said he would be buried in the yard. He has no intention of ever leaving until he’s old and gray. Designing for longevity proved to be a task in and of itself! What will last, what won’t go out of style in two years, what makes sense for our family right now and also as we get older? This is why we chose tile throughout, and inspired our selections as well.

TILE KEY:  Floor – Classentino Marble in Palazzo White – Polished 24×24  // Backsplash on vanity – Luminescence in Charcoal // Shower surrounds – Classentino Marble in Palazzo White – Polished 12×24 // Shower and Laundry tray floor – Cenutrio Black Matte 2×3 Linear Hex //

I knew I wanted the master on the main floor (the kids are in the basement.) Not as easy with baby, but it’s been 100% doable with my older two. Minus the few days after the accidental scary movie the babysitter showed them last Halloween. 😉 It will be ideal for all when they’re teens, and also when we’re empty-nesters so felt like the right option to get the feel we really wanted for the main floor.#framefarme Master BedroomI knew that I wanted our bedroom to feel connected to nature like the other spaces in house do. So we did sliding French doors (these are Andersen, and so smooth!) that go out onto our back patio, which will be covered on just our bedroom side. Can’t wait to add seating and the hot tub! On warm nights we love to leave the doors open and listen to the woods. You can’t hear people or cars or any city sounds in Wallsburg, it’s surreal. Minus the occasional moo or baa it’s basically wind through the trees!

Keeping our open floor plan from the main living space with vaulted walk ways, there is only a door to the master “suite” (and toilet room) and then everything else is open. I get a lot of comments about the large window and the huge glass showers,  but privacy didn’t feel like an issue where we live and so far I haven’t wished for more of it! I can totally see why it might not work in the suburbs!This bathroom is so classic, but still us with the black tile accents – the shower and laundry floor is my favorite ever! . It looks and feels luxe and it’s hands down everyone’s favorite room in the house. Giving the tour, right on cue people start getting really excited and animated right when we walk into the master bathroom.Another FAQ: Is the the polished marble is slippery? It is when dripping wet! I don’t slip when I’m using something like a spray mop, but post-shower, yes. We learned that quickly and now we have bath mats we put down when we’re using the showers and baths and are sure to towel dry legs really well and there hasn’t been any problems since. Definitely not an issue enough to dissuade me from recommending it, and really not sure what else could give the instant luxure feel better than the Classentino Polished Marble. The tile cleans super easily and doesn’t show footprints like I thought it might as well. The shower glass gives me the most grief, but I still wouldn’t change it! Still working on the perfect supplies to get it sparkling! Something maybe silly, but I put all our shampoo conditioner and soaps in these clear pump bottles and I love how clean it looks. Small tip if you have a glass shower!The tub was a source of stress. I wanted a big tub. We’re both big bathers, and had tiny ones most of our marriage. Having room to stretch out, have your entire body submerged? Worth it! The blueprints were for a smaller tub that could be fully freestanding, but once we got to the end of it I realized the big tub wouldn’t really look freestanding in the space allotted. I sacrificed look for function, maybe one of the only times in my life. Ha! Also it has the perfect back slant!#framefarme MASTER BATHBeing married for 13 years I know where our weaknesses lie. CLOTHING. Neither of us is very good at putting it away. So I knew the more surfaces in our master suite the more piles of clothes would be there. Our master bedroom has room for our bed, a couple chairs, the fireplace and that’s about it! #framefarme MASTER BATHThat determined our closet as well. Washer and dryer in the master closet is such a game changer. I don’t throw that around lightly. If you’re a messy person who hates laundry, it really might be a must. I put the baskets on the shelf right above the washer and dryer to put clean laundry in until I’m ready to put it away. I use a different hamper for dirty clothes so no one is confused. #framefarme MASTER LAUNDRYWe have this large custom cabinetry with 25(!) pull-out drawers. Our cabinet guy thought I was crazy. Each drawer is a category and when I do laundry quickly fold the item and drop it in. On our air dry rack we have these little hanging hooks — Russ wears a lot of the same work gear each week and so instead of putting it away he can put it on a hook for easy access. And then I know it’s not “dirty” on the floor and wash it unecessarily.#framefarme MASTERThe closet had to be re-designed 3 or 4 times. Each time getting smaller, losing storage space and making me tear up a little bit. 😉 But we made it work!! We have three levels hanging racks (I use this hook to get things down) for all my tops, skirts and dresses and then my jeans, trousers, socks, tights, work out clothes, pajamas and swim suits are folded in the cabinet. I have off-season shoes and clothing as well as keepsake stuff in the bins above the laundry baskets.#framefarme closetOne of the perks of building a home later in marriage is knowing full well what systems work and don’t. I knew I had to have medicine cabinets for all my beauty stuff. I LOVE and am more clean being able to open it up and see everything! In my dreams it would have been one long medicine cabinet with backlit lighting, but Ikea’s work great under a budget! It might actually fit another mirror between these two, which I am not opposed to!#framefarme master bathI love the texture that this Luminescence (charcoal) backsplash tile provides. It breaks up ALL the white and gives it a little edge. I’d love to paint the rest of the wall where the backsplash ends black, just to finish it a little more. Add a big piece of art next to the tub, and do a rad wallpaper in the toilet room, too! What do you think?#framefarme : master

Okay hopefully that answered some of the more specific questions for this space! Let me know if I missed anything!!

Find ALL our tile picks with Marazzi as well as a full 3D Filmed Tour right here.

Images of myself, Raleigh in the tub and the closet laundry were taken by me! All other image credit to Marazzi USA!

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