Beauty Drawer

Shared this drawer in my Stories yesterday and had a lot of questions about products, so I thought I’d put them all here!

The Beauty Drawer - MOST used

This is my top drawer in my vanity cabinet and it has all my most used products as well as items that were too wide to fit in my mirrored medicine cabinets on the wall.

Low Profile Organizers are here. You can measure and get it more precise but I just had a mental place for all the products I’d need to fit and made sure I ordered enough containers. Super scientific!

Eyeshadows – singles are perfect for a drawer because you need to have a birds-eye view in order to see the colors. Palettes are good wide for the cabinets so it worked out that all my shadows are here! Naked Heat Palette is my most used, so pretty with blue eyes, but I think it would look great on anyone! Mac shadows I love and use daily as well are Shroom and Girlie.

Lips – Sarah Happ Slip for overnight. You’ll wake up and still have product on, it’s SO hydrating. Laneige has a better color so I stick that one as an everyday lip option. Still super hydrating, but doesn’t last a long as SH. Thanks to Jenna for getting me on that!

Teeth – toothbrush, paste and flossers. I keep flossers with me at all times and floss usually after meals but will also do one at night as well.

Skin – I keep my spin brush, dry brush, and PMD devices here. Dry Brushing is amazing for circulation, sloughing dead skin, and pre-fake tanning. Muji organic unbleached cotton swabs. Touching those white cotton balls makes me shudder — these are incredibly soft and amazing. Makeup Brush Egg to clean brushes out! Native Deoderant for an all natural option, but can’t quit Cashmere Mist when I know I have a long day.

Period Cups — if you haven’t tried, what are you waiting for! One million times better than a tampon. Safe, and since we have a septic tank now, I couldn’t flush tampons if I wanted to so very serendipitous that I found them a few years ago. I have the Diva Cup and the Bloody Buddy. Diva Cup is more comfortable for me, but the Bloody Buddy is shorter and you can trim the tail. Also BB colors are way better.

Hair – My favorite brushes are as follows: Ive been using the Phillips brush since I was born basically. So soft on your hair and great for sensitive heads. Wet brush detangling comb and this Teasing / parting Brush. My kids have regular wet brushes in their hair kit as well. // Spirall Hair Elastics, Clear Elastics. Listen, the zippered envelope is the superior packaging model. If you drop it they don’t all go flying!

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