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This post is in partnership with Bosch home appliances. All thoughts are my own.

So excited to share the kitchen with you today! I teamed up with Bosch to do the reveal and I know a lot of you were waiting for my review, so I’ll do that first and then give you the tour of the kitchen below!

The original dishwasher we picked for the house was absolutely terrible and I polled my Instagram friends and was shocked at the couple hundred responses emphatically stating “BOSCH!” It was far away the fan favorite and I was lucky enough to strike up a review with them! Luckily, all you Bosch lovers were right and the 100 Series Dishwasher is excellent! So many features you’d expect in a super expensive upper end appliance, but it’s all there at the entry level!#framefarme kitchen

Here are my favorite features!

  1. The secret 3rd tray for silverware! It frees up so much space that I took out the silverware box on the bottom rack completely. More room for pots!Bosch 100 Series

2. This thing is SO quiet. So quiet in fact it has to have a light to tell you it’s running. If it’s blinking it means it’s ready, but you didn’t push the button yet, dummy. Also the cycle is two hours and twenty minutes which is more than one hour shorter than my other one!!Bosch 100 Series Dishwasher3. You can adjust the height of the middle tray so if you have tall things below, no problem! If you need more room for cups up top? No problem! I can fit everything in my sink no problem. This one is hard to show via photo, so check out my Instagram stories (it will be in the kitchen highlights after today) to see it in action!4. Seems like a small thing but all the dishwashers I’ve ever used have the detergent holders midway down the door. So of course you bend down to put it all in and then start it. The Bosch 100 Series detergent/rinse aid holder is AT. THE. TOP. No bending. I love thoughtful planning like this!5. Condensation Drying – Instead of intaking and creating hot air, Bosch 100 Series uses condensation to pull moisture from the dishes to the walls of the dishwasher! You know that feeling when you crack open a dishwasher and can’t put the dishes away for an hour because it’s too scalding hot? I love that this is more energy efficient and that I can handle the dishes immediately after.6. Fingerprint resistant stainless steel! Having a toddler underfoot and my kids’ daily job of emptying the dishwasher means that kids are constantly handling this machine. It doesn’t show it, and that means one less thing to maintain in our already hectic life!Bosch 100 | Frame Kitchen

AND now for the kitchen! I spent more time pouring over this kitchen and the layout than any other room, and you can see my scribbled drawings on Instagram today, but surprisingly the kitchen is almost 100% the same as I planned it a couple years ago!

When I was planning and thinking about daily tasks — the dishwasher was on the top of the list. I think it’s the most frequent chore in the kitchen so why not make the process super seamless? Everything was laid out to make that task extra easy.

From the dishwasher with basically just a pivot I can put away all the utensils:#framefarme KITCHEN

#framefarme KITCHENThere are several banks of drawers for plates, bowls, pots and pans, and all the kids cups, plates and silverware are at their reach in the lower cabinets:#framefarme KITCHEN Then in the upper cabinets, adult cups, ( love the matte black plastic cup line from Target! The bowls can warp beware, but the cups are amazing and under $1!) hostess and serving ware and seasonings at my easy reach:#framefarme KITCHENSome other additions I’ve loved in the kitchen are the pot filler, which I use to water plants, too! Super convenient!Pot Filler UsesThe utensil cup drawer! So handy, everything is easy to see, and I even put my silverware in there. Tall enough for long handled BBQ tools, too!#framefarme Kitchen

The “Getting Ready for School” drawer. Everything I need to get my kids out the door is in this drawer, in a handled container I can grab out all at once. They brush their teeth at the kitchen sink while I do their hair, get their chapped lips taken care of, clip their nails, do a quick floss. It’s all there! Spray bottle // Brush // Smoothing Brush // Gel – love this one because its easy to handle and you can see where it is on the head before it dries. // Kids Flossers //  Dispenser Toothpaste – will not use anything else!! Perfect for kids//Hair Drawer for BoysThese stoneware plates and bowls. They hardly show a scratch and are so sturdy for hosting! You guys keep selling them out but keep an eye on the link because they do restock!#framefarme KITCHENMy junk drawer organizers. I shared this post last year and have found this system to stay pretty organized for the most part! (Cleaned it out thoroughly for this pic, of course.)#framefarme KITCHENThe view. I love having such a breathtaking view while I’m working in the kitchen! On this side of the kitchen we have double ovens, baking supplies and measuring spoons, lunch boxes and water bottles, bibs, aprons and placemats, kitchen gadgets and slicers, frozen molds for ice and popsicles. The junk drawer above, and the big bank of cabinets on the right side has serving dishes, hostess platters, cutting boards, mixing bowls, tupperware and big appliances like my blender and juicer.Vertical Space. I really maximized our vertical space in this kitchen and the cabinets to the ceiling really allowed for a ton of storage options. I just grab a stool when I need things up high, and put my lesser used items where I can easily reach.

Additional links:  Stools, Soap dispenser, Disposal button, and Faucet)


  • Sabrina
    March 21, 2019 at 10:50 am

    I LOVE the way you created that cool cutlery drawer!! I love the whole space! Where are you black initial mugs from?

    • Emily Frame
      March 21, 2019 at 12:26 pm

      They’re target!!

  • Casey
    March 21, 2019 at 10:28 pm

    Where is your gold silverware from? Love!!

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  • Brenda
    August 31, 2019 at 4:26 am

    Absolutely live the idea of the cups for silverware and utensils.

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    June 18, 2020 at 4:10 pm

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