Working on our yard during one of the rainiest summers in history has meant one thing: MUD. SO much mud.

Wester Chief Muckers

Western Chief sent the greatest neoprene boots after they saw me losing the battle with my boys and all this mud. They have had mud wars, mud baths, made mud pies, and slid down mudhills.Wester Chief MuckersThese boots rinse right off and I love that the pull tabs aren’t actual holes so there isn’t a place for water to seep in. Just grab the tab and pull on up! They’re also rated for cold weather, too which you know not many rain boots can keep our feet warm.Wester Chief Muckers

They also sent this DARLING Mickey Mouse rain slicker which is a must for any DisneyWorld vacay!  Love these Classic rain boots as well, simple and cool!

Not sponsored, they were just so kind to send so I wanted to give them a shout out! Thanks again, Western Chief!

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