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YOU GUYS! I just looked and the last time I did this post was September of 2018. Do you want to know why? One of my book clubs (yes I am in two, ha!) choice for the month was called The Way of Kings which is 1200+ pages. I had it on Audible and it was 44 hours long. Typically my books are less than 10 hours, if that gives you any idea. May Book Reviews

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The trouble was is that the book is really good and I had a bunch of book club girls telling me that it was the best thing they ever read and the reviews are insane: 5 stars for 6000+ reviews?! So I couldn’t give it up. It sounds dramatic, but it felt like the most challenging thing for my brain I had done since college. HA.

Anyway, its a complex storyline and I didn’t think I could keep it straight while reading other books, so I just didn’t. FOR MONTHS, until I finally finished this a couple months ago. But that’s where I was. But I am back on the reading train and here’s what we’ve been up to!


May Book Reviews

THE SISTERS BROTHERS – Best Book of the Year by the Washington Post, it’s a movie now but I haven’t seen it! This book is SO funny. Like Wes Anderson meets Quentin Tarantino. Or a Cohen Brothers movie. Dry, gory, hilarious. Ive never read anything like it, and I loved every second. My cheeks hurt from smiling the whole time.

THE WAR THAT CHANGED MY LIFE  – Newberry Medal Winner 2016, NYT Bestseller – Another book about WWII but this time the war actually betters this little girl’s life. A sweet read, I think depending on the kid a 10-12 year old could handle and enjoy it! There are themes of abuse and neglect in the beginning so be on hand to chat if you read it with a kiddo! I loved it.

NORMAL PEOPLE – Another NYT Bestseller and Hulu picked it up for 2020! This one ached to read. Sally Rooney gets the emotions of your first love, or a love that spans many years SO well. How you grow and change from someone that was such a huge part of your life. Trauma and mental illness and how we cope. It’s not flowery in any way, but it is so smartly written. I wrote down certain line and phrases which I haven’t done with many fiction books. A lot of sex talk as a warning.

and OURS!

You know about our reading challenge for the Summer with Percy Jackson, but here are a couple other books that my kids EAT UP!

More than any other books, Hayes and Cal both retain this information better than any. I love hearing all the little factoids that interest them, how they recall and share them with friends. National Geographic does such a good job with these!

Books for Curious Kids

WEIRD BUT TRUE || WHY? ANSWERS TO EVERYTHING (and a version for younger kids, too!) ||  2020 Kids Almanac

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  • Steffanie Clark
    July 2, 2019 at 7:51 am

    Just had to comment because I always love your book recommendations! I finished listening to the War That Saved My Life on Audible and loved it! I loved the narrator’s voice. Such a great read!


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