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I threw my sister and her wife a baby shower a couple weekends ago and it was SO fun!! They got absolutely swamped with gifts and seeing how many people love and support this soon to be trio was so heartwarming. Baby Shower TipsZurchers was so nice to donate materials for this one and you can find everything I used in store and lots more online! This is how the wall started out and with it your first tip: don’t overfill mylar balloons or they split open and deflate. We went from Oh Baby! to Oh BB. Ha!! Wish I had grabbed good pics before that happened, but these will do right?Baby Shower TipsThis wall was so impactful for the price. All of these fringed streamers together was under $12. And this wall is enormous! Baby Shower Tips Bethany and Lauren have super modern and minimal style and I knew that the gold and rose gold was stretching it as it was so I wanted to keep the table centerpieces simple. I got this monstera pack, and this palm frond pack and mixed them up in glass vases and bam! Done! Baby Shower MustsWe had acai bowls, a bagel bar, juice + mimosas and these plastic champagne flutes ended up being perfect!!Baby Shower MustsShower games can be tricky and I didn’t want any to feel cheesy (or inappropriate slash weird, like this mix and match game I shared a few years ago.) “Guess the Baby Tune” was super fun, we used this printable and I made a special “This or That” where the guests guess this or that and the winner gets prizes.Fun Baby Shower Games

So fun to have my other sister in town and lots of family there!! This company has a whole collection of gold glitter flatware, perfect acai sized bowls, plates and cups, for such a steal!

Another easy backdrop for a good price! We had a gold and rose gold theme going and these dots had rose gold metallic detailing! So pretty! See all the rose gold options Zurchers has right here!  They also have a shop by color option that makes it so easy to find what you need!

They got 1,000 gifts but I was so happy to see her reaction to mine. I knew how much she wanted this Freshly Picked backpack and was stoked to deliver!! They have the best taste and this is my fave as well.Baby Shower Tips

Going to a shower where the baby is a miracle of one or more donation:

  1. The couple might not actually want to discuss who the egg / sperm donor is. If you have questions maybe ask “I’d love to know how the selection process went if you want to share!” — privately I might add, and not in a group setting.
  2. Avoid games or scenarios that discuss genes, genetics, who the baby will look like etc.

Anything I missed?

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