crz yoga | prime day 2019

CRZ Yoga has taken over my work out classes and I love it! Everybody is rocking CRZ and having comparable quality and fit to the best in the industry, but at a fraction of the price makes me so happy. We should all be able to feel and look our best while we take care of our bodies!! CRZ Yoga brought me on as an ambassador and we shot these photos for them. They’re doing a Prime Day deal (15% off everything!) so it’s a great time to stock up, or try some new-to-you pieces! Here’s a few I love!CRZ Yoga

Their classic 7/8 running legging with the reflective detailing, pockets and superb fit is a must have and $28. And this is a perfect low impact built-in bra top! It’s compression, $24, comes in 4 colors (love this blue!) and super long in the length, so great for you tall babes!

CRZ Yoga

They have naked feeling leggings and also leggings that suck you in and keep things tight — these leggings are the latter! So smoothing and slimming. This is the capri in olive green!

CRZ Yoga

This bra is $18 and comes in several colors! It has surprisingly good support too! Perfect for weights lifting days, yoga, walking or palling around in the yard. Also might be time for me to tan my front side, ha! // Pants

CRZ Yoga

They have a huge line-up of low and high impact offerings and they’re growing everyday — super exciting to be on team CRZ Yoga! Catch their pretty storefront on Amazon and get that 15% off on July 15th! CRZ Yoga

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