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Back to school FAVORITE favorites. Only the best from my favorite shops with my shopping and momming tips woven throughout!

Trying to get a pic of Hayes’ shoes and this scene about killed me. Hayes posing //I tell him how handsome he is // he gets embarassed // look over to see Raleigh is copying (also the section of the book case I didn’t tidy for the pic, ha! // brother love heart melter //

  1. SHOES ‘n SOCKS. I can’t count how many mornings were made so stressful because of both of these things. Locating them, getting them on, socks that felt weird on their toes (Hayes), tying, the whole enchilada. They already put all their shoes in the garage cubbies, and then I made my life easier by putting their socks in a drawer in the kitchen, ha! I also buy big packs of identical socks  to keep my life easier for matching.  And then the task of shoes that are cool + easy to get on. They hate the appearance of a “baby” shoe (velcro) but will tolerate zippered options. This year we went with  these from Zara (super trendy!) and the SK8 Hi from Vans have a zipper, too! Boys Back to School Ideas
  2. BEST OF THE BEST. My favorite basic tees for boys are the super soft Old Navy tee.  It washes so well and you cannot beat the price. I only buy when they’re about $4 each. We also stocked up on this Zara tee because I loved the color palette. Hayes hates jeans so he’s almost always in chino joggers or shorts. I love this 3 pack for that reason! H&M is great at putting 3 packs of things together whether it’s tees, pants, etc. Takes some of the brain game out of it!
  3. COATS. A light windbreaker is must have for random cold mornings, rainy days, cold classrooms. It typically does the job (barring heavy snow) and easier to layer with. My kids rarely if ever fight me on bringing a lightweight coat. I get a windbreaker and a cozy sherpa option for both of them each year. H&M is SO soft and affordable. Jcrew’s is darling and a Patagonia look alike.
  4. GRAPHICS. I am passionate about graphic tees. Like they cannot be obnoxious, or say or affirm any behavior that I wouldn’t want my kids to display and I try and avoid character driven tees unless done tastefully, or vintage. But the trouble is kids LOVE them. I’ve linked a few really good options, but Cotton On always pulls through for boys! Just for instance and what is in stock right this second: Mickey, Jurassic, Star Wars.

Any boy mom tips to share? Here’s some other posts to add to your reading list if you’re in the market.

GETTING READY DRAWER – from my kitchen tour post

A snack tackle box for the car, also our fridge snack drawer is on my Instagram highlight here!

on-the-go SNACK TRAY

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