greek gods matching game!

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School starts in less than 1 week and I am feeling bittersweet!! I know my big boys are ready to go back and see their school friends every day, their new teachers seem like they’re going to be amazing, and heaven knows I could use some time to work, BUT it’s always sad to say goodbye to a fun summer. Makes me wonder if year-round school would be easier transition! Greek Gods Matching Game Printable

You all know we took on the Percy Jackson Box Set challenge this summer and we did pretty well! We got through 3 out of 5 books! The third book was my personal favorite so far because there’s so much girl power! There’s a dangerous creature that only Artemis (the goddess of the hunt) can track and she brings on a bunch of strong girls from Percy’s class to help her. So fun to read with Hayes! One of my favorite elements of the series is how it weaves in Greek mythology, and so I wanted to make a little game to help us all remember what we learned from the books!

Greek Gods Matching Game Printable

I made this printable with eight Greek gods to match together. On one card, a symbol that might represent their godly power or presence in the Olympian hierarchy, and then their name and description on the other!Greek Gods Matching Game PrintableJust print onto colored cardstock (you can’t see through this yellow at all!) and cut out into cards. Flip over into a grid and then do your best to make a match!

Greek Gods Matching Game PrintableI let Hayes use his books if he got stumped and I loved watching him flip through the stories and remembering his favorite parts. It’s been an action-packed summer reading all of Percy’s adventures!!Greek Gods Matching GameAnd Raleigh, helpful as always.Greek Gods Matching Game

Thanks to for this fun reading challenge! You can find the box set for a steal right here!


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