prime buys #1

I think we’ve done a version of this post for years but I’m bringing it back! What I bought recently on Amazon and why I LOVE it. I’m sure occasionally some items will get a bad review, too but this time it’s just raves!

CRZ has been sending me new pieces to try as their ambassador this year and I sized up on everything so I can keep wearing it during the pregnancy. So far so good! I got mediums or 8/10 in everything!

crz yoga faves

Love this lightweight tank (pictured right), I got a medium in the grey! It doesn’t cling anywhere, the arm holes aren’t too loose and I love that the hem has that high low U shape so it covers longer over my butt and stomach and curves upwards at my sides.

This dove gray tank (pictured left above) is quick dry, more form fitted in the chest (if you want to show less cleavage, less underarm, have less movement when you’re doing jumps or burpees this is a good option! The mesh panels allow it to dry super fast too, and it has that same high low effect to cover the bum.

The Naked Feeling legging is SUPERB and my favorite fit ever. I got the new rusty rose red color “Savannah” — this fit has the cinch hidden drawstring so if you’re small in the waist you can keep things nice and trim with a little pull of the string!

A few of you asked about the capris — I gave up on the compression since it’s a little too tight for my belly right now, but the naked feeling capri is great and fits like it’s longer sister. I got the Misty Merlot and its a pretty Mauve/Blush.

SIGNET RING: I’ve wanted a real deal signet ring (typically with a family crest or initials or something) for ever but they’re PRICEY! I spotted this cool one on Amazon and have been loving it. I love that its silver and gold so it’s super versatile.

signet ring

FRAMAR BRUSH: My sister’s salon uses these brushes and I am hooked. I’ve used the Wetbrush for years but noticed how much my hair was breaking off when I brushed. So I stopped brushing. Not a great long term solution. Bethany would brush my hair and I’d have hardly any (if any) breakage! Immediately switched. You can get this for a little bit cheaper in a salon supply store but in my experience they’re sold out a lot, so I’d rather pay $2 for my time and gas money saved.

prime buys: framar brush

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