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baptism menu ideas | SMALL FRYCal got baptized this past weekend! It was such a wonderful weekend, full of family and friends! (Our church baptizes kids when they decide to do so, but no earlier than 8, which is our church’s age of accountability.) He was SO excited to have all his loved ones there and felt so special. Fellow middle child so I totally get relishing in that feeling of being the center of attention! Soak it up Cally.

baptism menu ideas | SMALL FRYWe did a menu we’ve done before for big group morning get togethers – bagels and schmear, fruit, yogurt + parfait bar, and since it’s going to be chilly tomorrow a hot cocoa bar, too! We pretty much everything through BYU To Go Catering (SO CHEAP) and then fill in the blanks.

For the cocoa bar I sourced pretty much everything online which makes it a breeze!

hot cocoa bar ideas | SMALL FRY

SUPPLIES – we provided disposable cups with warmers lids and straws. This set was super affordable and came with everything! For the look and ease we bought this electric urn with spout.  Kept everything piping hot and was easy for everyone to get their fill. You could easily use crock pots, stove top pots, even camping coolers. This Urn used the full 45 cups of water and two of these 4 lb. Stephen’s containers full. It was super rich, not watery at all.

hot cocoa bar

DONUTS + HOLES – mini donuts and donut holes. Any flavor you like and it fills the tray up pretty quick so I’d start with them first!

COOKIES – Classic chocolate chip, Biscoff cookies, and Pocky Sticks made our board but you could add so many different kinds!

MARSHMALLOWS – of course. This could’ve been the whole board, there are so many different kinds! I bought a few more gourmet styles and then standard white minis that typically come in packets or at gas stations. The HUGE hit of the day were these mint chip marshmallows. Square and pillowy soft, people kept swinging by the table just for them. Since we’re baptism theme I had to grab these ghost Peeps too. (Mormon joke.) But check for themed or holiday/seasonal shapes to make your board festive.

CHOCOLATES – Andes Mints, Chocolate Chips, Butterscotch Chips, I really wanted to have the white chocolate peppermint chips but they’re SO expensive out of season. Grab them for Christmastime though.

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