fryday update!

It feels like it’s been so long since I’ve shared what’s going on around here lately!

PREGNANCY! 22 weeks now and still dealing with afternoon/evening nausea, but it has let up tremendously which I am so grateful for! I’m just throwing up a couple times a week and as long as I can get enough sleep (and exercise, too!) I am so much better off! I have an anterior placenta this time around which accounts for why I haven’t felt him moving around as much as my others. There’s more padding between us, but now moving into the 5 month arena I am feeling him several times a day which is so comforting! He’s over a pound already and everything looks perfect. New and fun (sarcasm) to this pregnancy is tinnitus, anyone ever had that? Ringing in my one ear and it has been constant for a few weeks. I have a few remedies I’m trying this weekend, but would love to hear if any of you have experienced it!! We’re down to two baby names which we might just mash them together and use both so we’ll see if it sticks until the due date.Fryday Update

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Raleigh is killing me in these.

Fryday Update

WORK! I have taken less and less time online because our venue building is crazy busy right now. I was worried at the beginning of the Summer (we opened officially in April) because we weren’t booking as much as I had hoped. Either that was due to it being Summer and people wanting to celebrate outdoors, or that we were just so new, but I wasn’t sure this venture was going to work!!

Now that it’s gotten colder I can see that it is in fact working, and trying to navigate the man-hours it takes to keep things running smoothly… growing pains for real! Grateful to have a business partner to split it with, but ready to hire out yesterday. This was from a shoot we put together with other vendors, we styled 5 different wedding scenes and loved how it turned out!

State House Venue - Orem Utah

The handmade market I run at the venue Bijou Market is next weekend! I love seeing so many of you there and it’s a great line-up this year! 70+ vendors selling home decor, accessories, jewelry, clothing, toys, food, and so much more.Bijou Market

I’ve been thinking a lot about focus lately — as a mid-thirties adult I feel like you acquire a lot of work experience and skills and then other people’s opinion of what we should be doing pulling us in a million directions. I’ve had to really buckle down and focus – after taking care of my family and home I have to constantly recalibrate “Where is my time best spent right now?” People never really talk about pivoting jobs and careers and it is tricky and uncomfortable, but also exciting, too!

FAMILY!  Earlier this Summer Russ took Hayes to Minnesota to see their team play (the Twins.) Russ hadn’t been back or seen a lot of the family he got to see that trip and he came back on cloud nine. They were all so kind to him and he and Hayes got that big, hearty uncomplicated family welcome that is hard to come by in our regular lives. He was so touched by the experience! I think we both get so focused on the absolute chaos and dysfunction of our immediate family life (siblings/parents) we forget to look further. Trying to navigate around the many rifts – who’s talking to who – is like Christmas trigonometry, and I just can’t deal this year! Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, step-family want us in their lives and this holiday we’re making a better effort to return the love. So we’re hitting the road this holiday season!

Small Fry : Fryday Update

HOLIDAY TRAVEL! Heading to my sister’s in Reno for Thanksgiving and then taking my first trip to where Russ grew up in Wisconsin and Minnesota! We have lots of family to visit while we’re there so we’re staying for a good chunk of time and I’m excited!! Somehow I’ve been married to him for 14 years without this and it’s long overdue! If any of you are from the Twin Cities, Woodbury, River Falls area I’d love recs of fun things to do with the kids or places to grab lunch etc. We’re also driving there (thinking of taking the South Dakota route to stop at Mount Rushmore) so if you’ve made the drive and know of good stops, we’re all ears!

Have a great weekend!!

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