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Since we’re doing Christmas a week or so early this year I have been hustling to get it all done, but I can actually show you what we’re doing which is sometimes more helpful then a bunch of abstract ideas! Here’s what made the cut:

Favorite Things + White Elephants 

Small Fry Gift Guides 2019

You all know these are my actual favorite sunglasses that I have bought, lost, replaced no less than 6 times. Quay “After Hours” Matte Black (a few girls at our party tried them on and they looked amazing on everyone!!)

I love Urban Decay’s shadow palettes. Naked 3 is the most versatile for the most range of eye colors. Creates beautiful everyday looks, smokey eye options, a good mix of matte and glitter. Safe Bet for sure!Small Fry Gift Guides 2019

I have a book swap this year with my book club and bringing  What Alice Forgot. I have lent it to so many friends of all ages and circumstances and it’s loved by all! Entertaining, thought provoking read that stayed with me solidly for weeks and I think about it often still, years later.

This company Prank-O is new to me and I died when I saw it the other day! If you need to package up a white elephant gift they make the funniest gag gift boxes! This one cracked me up.

RUSS – age 35, music + sports lover, works in construction

Small Fry Gift Guides 2019Russ is a simple man and rarely asks for anything so I have to seriously listen up and take note basically all year. He dropped 3 hints –

Record Player – I researched and this American made U-Turn Audio player made the cut for both quality, sound and aesthetic . Isn’t it so rad looking? I love the lucite turntable and think the white backdrop will make every record pop!

Weekender – He doesn’t have any luggage that is “his” so he’s often found traveling with my girlier bags so I found this amazing Franklin coated canvas bag from State and think he’ll love it. Super masculine and expensive looking!

Always sore, always asking for a massage, so I took this one upon myself and got a massage gun! All the attachments and reverberations play a different role in athlete recovery and he does manual labor full-time so I think it’s a must! There are so many versions out there so I just went for ratings and a good warranty. This one is 30 day money back guarantee + 2 year warranty!

Hayes, 10 years old, lover of sports, being creative, reading facts and the color turquoise.Small Fry Gift Guides 2019

Hayes asked for a Nintendo DS but we were told they’re phasing those out and to go for the Switch Lite. I would much rather my kids play those than a smart tablet anyday and that was basically his budget right here! Merry Christmas, Hayes! 😉

A Telescope – loved the idea of this and we have amazing starry sky views in the country so thought it would be fun for the whole fam, too!

He asked other family members for Twins apparel (I opt for ‘47 brand stuff, but whatever comes in time!) this football throwing trainer, and fun stuff to do in the car for our roadtrip! Brainquest flip cards or National Geographic Books are his fave. 5000 Facts // Almanacs // Book of Why

CALLUM – age 8 loves all plushies, action figures, Nerf Guns, basically anything for imaginative play.Small Fry Gift Guides 2019

Cal’s requests are random as usual, but also so affordable. Love him for that! He asked for anything Imaginext (I found a used bag of Imaginext Figures which he specifically asked for on ebay) Squishmallows, Hatch and Grow Dinos, Nerf Blaster Gun (on sale until today!), Plants vs Zombies (another lot I bought on ebay!), Yo Kai Watch + Medals.

RALEIGH – age 3, has stayed firm on the following requests – a red jeep he can drive and dumptrucks.

Easy enough! I know as soon as he sees This ride-on Jeep that’s all he is going to care about! It is still half off from when I bought it! Comes in 4 colors, too! Small Fry Gift Guides 2019

In case he wants other toys to open, Driven by Battat makes my favorite toy vehicles – so lifelike and all working parts, lights, sounds- so we added to that collection with a fire truck and dumptruck and a few smaller sets! Target has them on sale today! Here’s some we have and love:

I hope this helps in your last minute shopping trips!! Merry Christmas!!

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