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It’s been so fun and a needed distraction to plan the nursery for baby boy! My goal with this one is to be able to reuse everything we buy (minus the crib) since, barring the literal hand of God, he’s our last. ha.

Nursery Ideas

PROGRESS EDIT! Linking all the items from this post! CRIB // RUG // ROCKER // POUF // SIDE TABLE // URCHIN LIGHT //

Boy Nursery

He’ll be in my room for the first bit and then we’re moving the office stuff to the loft so he can sleep near us. Once he’s sleeping through the night he’ll either share with Raleigh or we’ll be reconfiguring some things in the basement. Someone willing is gonna share! So we already have the bottom half of the office wall painted a dusty olive green which I still love so we’re keeping that and the light fixture of course.

Keep scrolling to see ALL the items I’ve been saving! Here’s what I’ve purchased so far:

  • Crib – I know natural wood + bleached oak/beech is all the rage (ALL my cabinets are after all, but I wanted to do something different. Love the slight art deco vibe of this black + upholstered crib. I think it will pop nicely off the green walls!
  • Acupulco Rocker – this came in the mail already and is surprisingly super comfortable. We’ll see how it holds up for hours of rocking, but I am stoked about it! Thinking I’ll buy another one for porch rockers when the time comes! They come in a bunch of colors  for cheaper too, I just love black.
  • Love the idea of a sculptured side table! Finding big enough dimensions has been tricky, they’re all a little too small except for this one!  Needs to hold a lamp + bottle at the very least!
  • No closet in the office so we’ll need a good size dresser! This is Ikea and after buying dressers from other places, Ikea really is the nicest quality in the price range. The Nordli line is fully customizable for your space and needs, too!
  • Rug – this is always so tricky! I LOVE this geometric shaped striped one. Looking at a couple others that are a little more boho feeling here and here, all more money then I want to spend. #always.
  • The last little bits that I will probably add as the space starts coming together are art, baby toys, and a mobile over the crib.
  • Shop below for all the little decor pieces, lamps, and pillows to finish the space!

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  • Natassja
    January 27, 2020 at 7:17 am

    Looks like an awesome design! 🙂


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