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Now that we’re a month out from Christmastime I love seeing what gifts are still being played with. The Christmas Slam Dunks, if you will. Gadgets and gear that ended up being the favorite and worth the $$. I’ll share a few of ours, but go to my Instagram and share what slam dunks you guys had this Christmas!!

The Jeep. I knew it would be, and sure enough Raleigh rides it every day multiple times a day.  I can only imagine the miles it will see when it’s nice outside and he’s not just doing ten point turns in the toy room. 😉 It was sold out earlier, but seems to be restocked in all colors now! (It’s missing a few pieces in this pic, but rest assured it does look like the product image once it’s done being assembled!)

Christmas Slam Dunks | Small Fry

The Massager. You guys know how I love Ali Express, I took a chance on this massage gun (paid $75) and it is AMAZING. We’ve used it nightly since Christmas and so far so good. I can’t speak to the overall longevity but so far so good and you can’t beat the price!!

Also how unflattering is this pic? I think it fully captures the last leg of this pregnancy. Me over it, Russ trying to make light of the situation, me unamused, and that gun firmly attached to my hips.

Best Christmas Gifts

The Laundress x Le Labo. This was a very specific gift for Russ because we use sensitive, fragrance-free laundry detergent. He’s wished aloud that our laundry could smell good instead of like nothing, and when I found out that Le Labo (our favorite perfume/cologne) teamed up with our fave detergent. IN!! It seems expensive for 32 washes, but I will say I only use a dime size amount for a whole load and the clothes smell delicious. It’s all natural, and safe as can be and doesn’t irritate any of our skin!

Best Christmas Gifts

Jooki. Raise your hand if your kids learned how to wield Alexa or your Spotify and suddenly your life is filled with songs about tacos or potty word songs. Just me? My kids loved this gift because they get their own figure and when they put it on the Jooki it plays their playlist! We picked songs they like (that aren’t annoying for me slash questionable lyrics) and we’re all happy!

Hayes has been having  a hard time staying asleep at night and finds himself up and frustrated in the middle of the night. The Jooki has been in his room permanently because he can easily play a nighttime mediation or sleep track to help him fall back asleep.

Another super cool feature is you can get the app for friends and family and they can leave little voice messages on the Jooki for them! Waterproof, shock proof, and decent sound without getting out of control!

Best Christmas Gifts

Only 2 more days of January!! We can do this!

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