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Valentine’s Day printables are a long standing tradition around here and even though I nearly dropped the ball my kids came through with some clutch reminders! They picked these bulk sticky hand toys and bulk Mochi-style squishy animals and then all I had to do was come up with a cute card to attach. DONE AND DONE!

My ultimate goal with these is to make it ultra easy on you parents! You don’t need a color printer, they’re all sized right and ready to go! Just print, cut out and send to school! You can have your kids sign the cards OR if you have the ability add their names to the download and print them already done!


These sticky hands come in a bulk set of 48 pieces for $9 and ship Prime! You’re looking at about $.20 per item here, ha!

High Five, Valentine! || 20 Printables || Small Fry



Squish You! || 20 Valentine's Printables || Small Fry

I couldn’t decide between an exclamation or a period so I attached both! Pick your poison. DOWNLOAD SQUISH(.) // DOWNLOAD SQUISH(!) These Mochi style squishy animals are a little more expensive, but still a steal at under $.50/per I say!

Squish You! || 20 Valentine's Printables || Small Fry

AND now from the archives!!

Small Fry Valentine's Archives


**This Is a Valentine.

**Total Knock Out (robots) // Dibs (markers) // Awfully Fond Of You (rubber duck) // Out of this World (toy alien) // Color My World.(stacking heart pencils) —  The original post has links for toys HERE.

Dibs! Valentine || No Candy Valentines Printables

I Wish There Were Six Of You (Babushka)

valentine babushka doll printables

Donut You Love Love? (donut) // Mask My Feelings (cut out super hero mask)// Hi Chews You (Hi-Chew candy)

valentine, kids, printable, candy, february, love

Woodwind it all (toy flute) // 360 Skateboard (toy skateboard) // Parachute (parachute toy) // Pitter-Paddle (paddle) //   Toys linked in original post HERE.

Small Fry No Candy Valentines

Love Wall Installation

valentines, art, kids, projects, simple, love

Pin the Kiss Game Printable

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