2020 baby picks

Obviously I have lots of old favorites but here’s a quick rundown of the NEW items I purchased for this baby! I knew I wasn’t going to need much for #4 but I have collected a few things here and there and then my loved ones spoiled me as well (I literally told 3 different people NO SHOWER and then they teamed up and had me come to “dinner” and showered me anyway– so kind.) Here’s what we’ve got! I feel like with every baby so many new things come out and even as a blogger who gets lots of PR blasts and samples I still can’t keep up! I’d love to hear what you’ve found recently and loved, too!Baby Picks 2020

MAX MODA LONG ROBE — this robe is everything I never knew I needed and $40. I got a medium and it covers my full-term belly but will also be wonderful postpartum. It is mid-calf in length which was one of my must-haves. But then it also has a tighter 3/4 length sleeve too which is perfect. No gaping arm holes that just get in the way or get dirty. Then also! The waist tie is sewn onto the back so you never have to track it down in the laundry or re-loop the belt.

LIVELY NURSING BRA — these bras are so pretty. I know there’s a time for comfort (Belly Bandit’s Mother Tucker, especially if you like your belly to be sucked in!!) but there’s also a time to feel pretty and feminine again. Comes in black too, has mesh for extra breathability, too!

TUSHY BIDET — After my all things green post a few of you said to get a bidet! Apparently it uses less water than it does to create toilet paper rolls! I am so glad I had it for the last few weeks of pregnancy when I can’t reach all the way back and around anyway (TMI!!) and it will be wonderful for postpartum care as well. I tend to take several weeks to get back to normal down there and am looking forward to something gentle!

HAAKA — my sister found this one and I’m really excited to use it! Basically you suction it to your non-feeding side and it catches that letdown. It’s not a pump per se but basically collects whatever would’ve leaked into your nursing pad. Get the one with the stand, and it looks like it has a stopper too, so you won’t ever tip/spill. My sister has a crazy high supply but she said she’d catch like 4 ounces extra a feeding!

BOKEE BOTTLE HOLDER — This one got sent to me, but I think it’s genius. For those one handed bottle making sessions it suctions to your counter so you can get the lid on with one hand!

BOUNCER BLISS — This was shower gift and has the most amazing reviews! Baby Bjorn’s bouncer and it comes in a ton of color options! I got the grey jersey and in my ideal world would have one in every room so I had a place to put the baby down.

COPPER PEARL camel line — This color scheme just called to me and I obliged. I grabbed it in the  car seat / nursing cover | swaddle | hat.

KYTE BABY SLEEP BAG — Kyte is a new-to-me brand and the quality is actually breathtaking. SOOO soft! They make all sorts of baby items but their sleep bag I am especially excited to try! You can get it in different weights (warmth) color and sizes on their site!

MOCKINGBIRD STROLLER — I’ll share more about this once the baby gets here and I can properly review it, but it’s so pretty!! Looks very similar to my Uppa and I am exited to try it out and share! I accidentally ran over my Uppa Stroller base which is the saddest thing ever. Luckily this one with it’s blue shade and leather detailing is making me feel a little better about my thoughtlessness.

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