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The 4th trimester:  Leaking, shrinking, growing, filling out, and settling. Recovering and finding a new groove with your baby takes a lot of care and grace. There are days where I just want to be comfortable and there are days where I desperately want to feel put together and like myself.  I like having options for both! (Lip from stories is Smoothie Move by Bobbi Brown!)


All about creating the most easy, comfortable experience for myself as I care for a baby + kids, my body changes, I get used to nursing, not sleeping, and faves | SMALL FRY

SUNNIES | SOLLY WRAP “French ticking” | BABY HAT | PANTS |not linking my hiking shoes they’re the worst | CAL’S VANS

Cake Lingerie Nursing Tank – these are my favorite, favorite nursing tanks. They’re seamless, SO comfortable, long, and not too revealing. I typically wear these and pajama pants for the first few weeks and that’s it! I don’t feel like I am showing the goods if someone stops by, I can nurse and still keep my stomach/back covered and I can wear it all day and night with no discomfort.

post-partum faves | SMALL FRY

3 Pack Seamless Nursing Bras – If you’d rather wear a bra this 3 pack is similar in comfort and fit and has 4000 4 star reviews. SO!

CRZ Yoga Quick Dry Hiking Pants – this could also go in the “feel more put together” category because they look like you are putting forth effort, they don’t wrinkle, they hold their shape, they have a thick high waist band that has a flattening effect but you can sleep and lounge around in them with ease. I had multiple people come visit and get mad at me for “getting ready” for them. I just put those pants on! (They also have awesome mesh pockets with an elastic opening so you can stash things and they do not fall out. Binkies for instance.

ME 2.0

Easy options to grab that make me feel more put together and more like myself!

post-partum faves | SMALL FRY

SUNNIES | NURSING TOP – h&m sold out but I’ll link if it comes back! | JEANS | SANDALS | WOODY’S WRAP + HAT

Blanqi Post Partum Jeans – Blanqi sent me these to try out and I am ON. BOARD. They are super comfortable stretchy denim but then they have this built in moisture wicking compression band. SUCKS YOU IN! Also, they’re pull on but still have a working button and pockets so you’d never guess they were post partum or maternity. Those faux pockets are always a dead giveaway, right? The band goes up a couple inches under my bra which is also nice for nursing since it conceals even when my top is up! Fits TTS!post-partum faves | SMALL FRY

Belly Bandit Mother Tucker Tank – This is so pretty on and instantly makes me feel feminine and more like myself. It has an amazing compression waist and then a super pretty draped cross over bra. I wear this as much as possible but especially at the hospital when my belly is largest. Pulls everything in nice and tight which I really like. It’s more revealing so I usually had this robe on over!

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC Cream + SPF 50 – This takes about 1 minute to apply but wears all day and night even (if I don’t wash my face I wake up with most of it intact, gross but true) has color correcting for dark circles and melasma or acne scarring and sunspots. I wear light and its a titch darker than my untanned skin which is great! Love that it has SPF too, one less thing to try and squeeze in!

Any favorites to add?

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