night moves

We finally got some warm weather the past couple days and even though it’s not going to stay long (snow on the forecast in a few more days) we are staying outside as much as possible! Mockingbird Stroller | Small FryFinally got to bust out this pretty stroller by Mockingbird. It is super similar to my favorite stroller (that I accidentally ran over) but it’s a fraction of the cost at $395 and I LOVE the leather detailing! Mockingbird Stroller | Small FryIt has all the same accessories, like a double stroller attachment, bassinet, ride-on board, all still under $500!Mockingbird Double Stroller (under $500) | Small FryAlso just a pic of Woody’s toes. He always sticks them out like this and it kills me!! He’s 6 weeks this week, getting chubbier by the day and does not tolerate being anywhere but in someone’s arms. HA! We love you Woody.Mockingbird Stroller | Small FryTil the next warm night — xo!Mockingbird Stroller | Small Fry

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