owlet [giveaway]

If I had to pick on baby gear product that has brought me more peace and calm and general good feelings with baby #4, it would be the Owlet. With or without a looming pandemic that effects respiratory systems and diminishes breathing ability, it’s been amazing. I wanted to give one away today because if I can pass along that feeling to another new parent, I am so happy to do so!Owlet [giveaway]

On my instagram you can enter to win the Sock + Monitor Duo, valued at $400! Owlet [giveaway]

If you’re new to this product, the Owlet Sock notifies you if your baby’s heart rate or oxygen levels fall outside of set levels. AND then!! In addition to the monitor, you will get their amazing monitor, too! The monitor works from just about anywhere with their app so you can keep tabs on date night, trips and more in addition to sending live readings with the sock.Owlet [giveaway]

How cute are these baby toes?? I know it sounds like the silliest thing, but Woody has a long second toe. Something that none of my previous three kids have inherited. Growing up I always wish I had a longer second toe (most of my siblings had it) and at least hoped my kids would inherit their dad’s. Nope! Until Woody, congrats little guy. 😉

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