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Chicco (pronounce Kee-ko, did you know that? Me either!) brought us on to test out their new Fit4 4-in-1 carseat. One seat covers your baby from birth to age 10– seriously! We took them for a whirl in our latest Small Fry Film, and I am so happy to have this small pocket of time captured in action.

When will we ever be quarantined with a a newborn ever again? Hopefully never, ha. Our days are slow, yet chaotic, and we have lots of time in the mornings passing the baby around and getting cuddle time. I make sure to get a good breakfast (my protein shake is a must and keeps me full for hours.) And then we try and get out of the house, to the yard, or if we’re feeling extra adventurous, a little hike or to the nearest field of grass (our yard is still dirt.)

I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to not have to buy another carseat ever again! The Fit4 4-in-1 seat works for all 4 of my kids until they graduate out of the booster seat (or after the seat is 10 years old and you retire it!) and Chicco makes it impossibly easy to transition from one stage to another. Stage 1 starts at 4 pounds even! Woody is about 14 pounds here and soon we’ll be moving him to Stage 2.

Chicco designed the FitKit™ to provide optimal fit for children at every stage. For Stage 1, we can securely place Woody in the seat (equipped with a comfy toddler positioner) and as he gets older and transitions stages, we’ll be able to peel off the layers for the proper fit.

Although installation was easy with the SuperCinch® technology, it is nice that the side of the seat has info for each stage, as well as a QR code for access to online step-by-step videos. Since most all phones have QR code readers built into their cameras, Chicco has all their instructional videos basically at your fingertips! Just scan and it pulls up videos for every stage! It’s definitely my favorite feature, and you can check out all of the videos at

Then I stick the kiddo in to get the straps sized as well so when I install it to the car, I just double check using their built-in level, and we’re safely ready to roll! Fit 4 Chicco Review | Small Fry

We recently got a big ol’ van (technical term) so we’d have lots of space for road trips or bringing friends along, and many post-quarantine road trips are in the works. I’m really glad to have the Fit4’s NINE position ReclineSure® leveling system so they can get a good nap on-the-go and be extra comfortable no matter what stage! When we actually put the car seat in, the SuperCinch® LATCH tightener was a breeze to use – the force multiplying technology installed the seat super easily. We also feel secure knowing that the Fit4 has a DuoGuard® protection for the head and torso for side-impact. An added plus is the cupholders that can hold Woody’s bottle but also fold easily to save some space.

Fit 4 Review | Small Fry

After any road trip it seems the carseats all need a good cleaning and I love that I can easily unsnap everything and toss it in the wash!Fit 4 Review | Small FryWho are we kidding though, this guy is the Spit-up King, so road trip or not I am tossing it in often!Chicco Fit 4 Review | Small Fry

A bunch of you have asked how the transition to four kids has been. I feel like this quarantine has really thrown a wrench in things, but we’re hanging in there! The two weeks I had of the kids going to school and me having a quiet morning with just the baby was so ideal, so it’s hard not to think back to that point with disappointment. As for the kids, everyone LOVES the baby! And Hayes is the best helper, I honestly couldn’t do it without him! He is the first to offer to sit by Woody and keep him happy (binky in!) in the car.Raleigh has had his own challenges with us parents however and acts out in interesting ways like potty training regression, oof! But, is this not the most quintessential I am so over this new baby face?Fit 4 Review | Small Fry

If y’all have any other questions about the car seat, transitioning to 4 kids, the big ol’ van just let me know! You can find the Fit4 4-in-1 seat right here (I have it in “Katerra” which has that sporty two-tone leather look. They have several other colors you can check out here, too!

We’re giving one seat away on instagram you can head to @emilyframe to enter!


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