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UNTAMED – I LOVE Glennon. I read Love Warrior and then followed her on social media after that as she left her first marriage and eventually got remarried. Maybe you all already know the story, but it’s the juiciest so I don’t want to blow her life/storyline! Both books I’ve read of hers stir something in me that rarely happens these days. I want to WRITE. Write my own story. Write a book. I start dreaming in words. She is a master at vulnerability, cracking her story wide open and being so relatable and also igniting something in her readers. That’s all I’ll say, go experience the content for yourself! 5 STARS!

THE CUCKOO’S CALLING – Robert Galbraith is the pen name for one JK Rowling and this book came with high praise in the form of one word that I needed in the time of Covid, “delightful.” I needed an escape and this provided. Love reading JK’s perspective in a story about modern, edgy adults, she’s funny and witty and I enjoyed it. A private detective murder mystery that unfolds in to a series if you so desire. My rating system is based on how much a book changes my life (maybe an unfair system to the authors, but I’m not writing for NYT so who cares) this got 3 STARS but it’s well written, characters are well developed and its entertaining.

OURS (my review of a new kids book!)

Small Fry Book Reviews


These books are themed, illustrated I-Spy style books. Darling and entertaining for all ages, a good book to have on hand for quiet time, a quiet bag, or a lazy afternoon on the couch. Find them here, along with a bunch of other Small Fry approved kids books!


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