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Back in April we had booked a week at a beach house in Destin, Florida with some friends. Sadly we had to cancel that trip due to Covid (the beaches were totally shut down by the time our dates came and went!) We picked a date far into the future feeling that things would surely be resolved by then… September. 😉 It’s coming up now and it feels wholly unideal and superfluous, and it’s hurricane season to boot. But! We’re making it work because our window of rescheduling is closing (not linking, the AirBnb owner is ridiculous) and a couple of our friends are hoping to get pregnant, or are pregnant and closing in on their due date!

We have 6 families sharing 1 house and I am doing my best to pack this family of six LIGHT! Taking a couple new pieces to help keep things contained that I am excited about!

Sly Beauty EverNeed | SMALL FRY

  1. SLY BEAUTY EVER NEED: I love this make-up case! I have wasted so much money traveling wiht product and I feel like they’ve thought of everything to keep things safe. The brush cup (I put liquid products I want to keep upright, too.) Travel mirror, pockets for all kinds of goodies and it fits EVERYTHING you need.

Sly Beauty EverNeed | SMALL FRY

Here’s what I packed:

Ever Need | Small Fry

Dior Contour Palette — everything you need for a natural highlight + contour// Melaleuca Acne Spot  Treatment– I’ve used this for 20+ years and will never switch. Amazing zit treatment! // Care of Vitamins — giving these a full month use before I review, but I must say, very convenient. (use FRAME50 for 50% off your order!) // Fenty Blush Stick in Chili Mango — A Kayti rec that I LOVE for Summer. // Murad Multi Acid Peel — a one stop shop for tightening, brightening, smoothing and a little tingly burn that I like. //Control Freak Brow Gel — cheap way to keep them brows in place. // Loreal Tubular Mascara — a good waterproof, beach proof, sweatproof mascara! // Tarte Shape Tape — goes everywhere with me, I use light. //Tatcha Oil Cleanser — another Kayti rec, multiuse! Very gentle or you can go harder with a rough wash cloth. // IT CC + SPF cream // Murad SPF Primer + Mattifier // Laneige Lip Mask // Loving Self Tanner – 2 hr express // Tatcha Oil Cleanser // Donna Karan Deoderant — 10+ years with this baby, never fails.//

Sly Beauty EverNeed | SMALL FRY

Sister Jane Posy Puff Top // Tuscan Wine by Trestique lip

  1. BLUEPRINTS MINI or ORIGINAL (use “SMALLFRY10” for 10% off): I love the concept of this product, it holds everything we might need on-the-go as a parent and it’s organized. It’s thoughtful, and it saves so much brain space. I love that you could pack it for daycare, the nanny, a long stay at a hospital, weekend at grandma’s or a trip as a family, too! They share all their ideas of what you could pack here. This is the Original and I packed everything I could think of for my family and for reference, there was plenty of room for my make-up, too. Blueprints Project | Small Fry

I love the locking pocket for valuables and the dry erase or permanent marker for their laminated card. You can put contacts, medicine directions, family password and more! Check them out here!

Blueprints Project | Small Fry

Any recs for Florida?

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