beach vacation musts

If you’re traveling for a getaway beach vacation here are our must-haves that pack tight and light!

Thanks to the Buy Guide for sharing a few of these first!


beach vacation favorites | small fry

SHORTS FOR ANTI-CHAFE – If you’ve got boys/men, your boys/men need these!

SURF GUY – All ages, boys and girls, used these for hours everyday! Get two or more, or have your friends get them as well! I know they seem pricey, but they’re so fun and racing them would’ve been extra fun. If you have kids who don’t like the water, even more necessary.

SURF BRUSH – gets sand off your body and toys like magic. A must have!!

SPORT WAGON – A must for the beach. We loaded it up to the rafters each day and it was the MVP. I take this thing everywhere and opt for it over a stroller in all situations and I’m so glad I brought it! I checked it on our flight as a stroller (use the bag it comes in) and we had no issues! We even filled it up with other stuff, no one ever seems to look. 😉

BEACH MAT – it’s a must and will save your towels, your babies, your bums. Sand is the only downside to the beach and this helps tremendously.

PADDLEBALL – easy to pack, fun for all ages!

SPIKE BALL – this game might be a west coast thing because it drew a crowd in Florida! This is my husband and his friends’ favorite game. Packs okay, but 7 days at the beach calls for fun options!

YIZI GO CHAIRS – these chairs fold up into a bag the size of a fanny pack. They are comfortable, come with a mesh bottom perfect for sand (no sinking, which is a problem in Florida sand!) Toss your regular beach chairs and grab these! Perfect for camping, too!

ROLL-UP HAT – won’t get smushed in luggage, great coverage, packs anywhere.

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