february audible picks

February was a dryer month for me! I started and quit several books and nothing seemed to grab or excite me. I’ve had a lot on my mind lately and I’m sure that’s working against me. But here’s what I read!

WHAT KIND OF WOMAN — Like everyone, I found Kate Baer via Joanna Goddard and fell in love with her poetry. Finally got around to reading my copy and it was delFebruary Book Picksightful, poignant, funny, and empowering. The cover is so gorgeous I think it would make such a great gift for any lady in your life! Mother or not, wife or not, these all land beautifully.

SMELL OF RAIN ON DUST: Grief and Praise — This book was so kindly sent to me by a friend and while I really enjoyed the overall message — that grief is the ultimate praise –his delivery was a little lecture-like. So, if you want to get lectured by a shaman this book is for you! 3 STARS

NINE PERFECT STRANGERS — I had read an article about all the books made for TV/Moves in 2021 and saw this title was coming quick to Hulu! So I picked it up assuming it would be as amazing as What Alice Forgot (one of my all time faves!) and although I was super invested and interested at first, it got so weird. So I skimmed and found a summary and asked friends and sure enough it takes a super odd turn. I think ti will translate fine to TV but I just sort of lost interest! Will watch either way. 3 STARS.

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