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Spice Rack DIY | Small Fry

LABELS – I used the 1.8″ square labels. If you want the rounded corners get the contemporary line, the minimal line has the straight edges. I ordered all 80 because it was like $2 more and I’d rather have them on hand! You can custom order any you might need, too! Buy them here.

SPICE JARS –  I grabbed these 3 ounce jars which are 2 inches wide (set of 18). For reference a Trader Joe’s spice jar holds 2.3 ounces and is 1.5 inches wide. You could definitely go bigger than I did!  This same link has 4 ounce jars that are the same circumference so you they’ll still fit on the acrylic shelves and you’ll get more spice in the bottle. I had a huge variety of brands on my shelf to start and most had more than 3 ounces, so I had spice left over on several.

ACRYLIC RACKS – This set comes with three shelves and it fit 18 jars perfectly. Would work for the 4 ounce jars, too!

I love this style with the bamboo lid if you want a more traditional style! These would fit the shelves as well!

Spice Rack DIY | SMALL FRY


I try really hard to keep my counters free of clutter (better for my mind!) but I could never find the right spot for produce! If it’s out my kids will grab it, if they’re tucked away they go bad. I of course want them eating healthy fruits and vegetables, so excited about this new system! I found this cart that fits perfectly under our little butler countertop in the pantry. It rolls out and fits ALL our produce so well! Mesh bottoms in the trays so nothing gets bruised or ripens too easily. And my countertops stay clean!Pantry Upgrades | Small Fry

I know it seems stupid but it really is the little details that make a difference when you’re trying to make a space feel organized and thoughtful. Every purchase, every functionality can be an extension of what you want your house to say or feel like. Mounting the paper towel holder, swapping out some flea market pastel colored fly swatters for black? Easy $5 changes that adds to the overall feel.


You can see my original full pantry tour here.Pantry Organization

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