benefit concert

My son’s best friend August  was recently diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and to help @fight4gus we have a put together a. benefit concert October 23rd at our house!
Benefit Concert
We had originally planned it to just be a concert and nothing more but, Collin’s foundation Save the Kids reached out and wanted to help and I am a puddle of tears! They’re brining One Voice Children’s Choir with them and trust me, the second those kids open their mouths, you’ll be either bawling or jaw-dropped. They are also bringing a couple speakers and have some cool announcements in regards to their progress and I can’t wait!
After that point we’ve got a rock and roll show that we are so excited about! Ben Kweller flying in from Texas, Noble Bodies and And Beyond (August’s grandpa’s cover band!) will play!
We’ve got food trucks,  amazing raffles, treats and firepits and fun. Come enjoy beautiful Wallsburg
(20 minutes up Provo Canyon) and help Gus while you’re at it!
$50-$100 TICKETS can be purchased here  (reply if you’d prefer to Venmo)
or WIN free tickets at @savethekidsinc and follow along with Collin’s legacy
or you can simply donate to Gus @fight4gus on Venmo.

Save the Kids

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