2021 Christmas Card

Sponsored by Paper Culture. Photos by Hunter Fowler.

Earlier this year I had set myself the intention that my top priority would be to seek things that filled me with light. Whether that was more knowledge, more peace, more contentment, a closer relationship with my higher power and angels, and slowing down enough to know what activities and people and places offered that to me. That’s it. Seek light.

The second part of my intention was (and I wish I could remember where I heard this) to go one step further in my belief in miracles. I believe in them, but what does someone who KNOWS they occur do? How do they act? After all the light-seeking I should hope I qualify to ask for a miracle or two, and so I started to ask. And assume they will come. And recognize when they do, and call it aloud. THERE IT IS! A miracle! I can’t fully explain how much these two things have changed me this year. Have bettered my relationships, my ego, my energy and the way I feel about myself and treat others. The clarity and deepened understanding. Feeling close to my angels and ancestors. Truly, a life changing experiment.

So when we got our family photos taken I wasn’t paying attention enough to realize it until Hunter sent me the photos, but this one stopped me in my tracks.

It is absolute magic when its all enlarged or close-up. Light is touching everything. It’s lit up the trees, our faces and hands, my jewelry, the Northstar ring I bought in memory of my brother, the grass. There are even flecks of gold in the air. It felt like the perfect representation for what I have strived for all year long. Envelope myself in light, and watch for miracles. We are all looking up, ready to catch whatever goodness comes our way. I knew it had to be the Christmas Card! I added a line from Do You Hear What I Hear? – He will bring us goodness and light. – That is my wish for all of you, for myself, for my family.

I used Paper Culture again this year and am always so happy with the results. I did a triple thickness and the cards were like 50% off (ends tonight 12/9), included return and to addressed envelopes. Came super quick. And they plant a tree for every order and send you a dedication card you can share with others. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on a card yet, use them! I am a forever fan.

And now a few others from our shoot with Hunter

Merry Christmas everyone! Check out past cards here (scroll to the bottom!)

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