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What I Eat in A Day #wieiad

MORNING – Stanley 40 ouncer + water + chlorophyll drops (make your water green and slightly minty!)

Electrolytes for pre-workout — these were the cleanest I could find during my strict AIP time! not caffeinated but increase minerals and salts before sweating them out! If you’re a Thrive member they’re quite a bit cheaper there!

Just Ingredients White Peppermint + almond milk (my code is “emilyframe” for a discount!)


Siete Almond Flour Wrap with Steak, Spinach, Eggs + Chimichurri (she changes the recipes depending on where you find it, and its proof you can’t ruin it! My only tip is use less olive oil!)

TikTok Salad with Siete Chips — I swap out the nutritional yeast for hemp hearts! Not for any reason but its just what I had on hand so I’ve continued to make it that way!

Trader Joes New Zealand Apple Rings! A must have they have the same mouth feel as gummy candy with none of the sugar headaches!


Always a Half Baked Harvest recipe. So many crock pot ones and she is SO good about using clean ingredients. Crockpot Coconut Curry!

What I eat in a Day out and about (coming 2/10/24!)


In-N-Out — Protein Style Double Hamburger with mustard grilled patties. Add mustard, pickles, grilled onion, and chopped green chilies (if you like a little heat!) Add an order of light-well fries (The spread is one of the few sauces I missed on AIP, it is dairy free but I don’t know what oil they use in their mayo so if you’re being strict, avoid) but if I do Animal Style fries I’ll hold the cheese and add chopped chilies and get an extra packet of spread to dip with my burger.

Chipotle — Bowl with brown rice, chicken and black beans. Add peppers, corn, pico, lettuce and a side of guacamole as the sauce. (AIP Restriction Phase? You’d skip the peppers and pico!)

Steakhouses — Best way to go is going to be a protein (steak, chicken, salmon) and a side of veggies! I love my veg smothered in butter so I’ll order a side of a lemon butter sauce.

Chik-fil-a – their salad dressings are all AIP non-compliant, but their vinaigrette is closest with just some sugar added!


Poke Bowls + Sushi forever.

Any burger or sandwich can be lettuce wrapped!

The take-out option or in-app ordering of your favorite local healthy eatery is going to be as fast as drive thru anywhere else!

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