oakwood homes progressive dinner

With all of us in the same zip code we always like an excuse to hang out together while supporting local businesses and their endeavors and somehow calling it work. Life’s funny sometimes isn’t it? Today’s quick recap was a fun night out with Oakwood Homes which is a local builder that is popping up everywhere. They had us tour their homes in South Jordan which might be the prettiest place to build a home we’ve seen in awhile. Way to go South Jordan! Here’s some of our favorite aspects of the homes we peeked in at. FIRST! Each of … Read more

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Oh Joy To The Rescue!

Last week Jenna was able to attend the launch of our friend Joy Cho’s collaboration with Band-Aid brand! We have a special place in our heart for Joy for many reasons, but when our blog was in it’s infancy she opened up her home and let us film her family for our Small Fry Films series. We were such a baby blog and for Joy to support us and work with us on that project has always solidified her in our minds as a friend. Since that filming Joy has taken over the world with her flawless collaborations and her Band-Aid brand … Read more

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avengers training!

Avengers Training Party

We have done quite a few super hero themed parties around these parts with our friends at Target (find Spider-Man and the Ninja Turtles here), but the Avengers might just be our favorite. Our kids have been in love with each character on their own for years now, so seeing them each come together and do their thing as a team is just about the coolest thing our boys can think of! Today is an easy at-home playdate idea or even just a fun adventure to take as a family! All you need are a handful of training stations and your … Read more

Bath Time with Mustela

By Jenna. When I had my first baby six years ago, my sister-in-law gave me my first Mustela bath wash. I had no idea how much this line of products would mean to me many years and a few more kids later. I have never used another line of soaps and lotions on my newborn because I really feel it’s the most gentle on their fresh skin. We love bath time at our house. I dare you to find a more heavenly thing than a freshly bathed babe! When they’re tiny and so new it can be a scary first experience so … Read more

learning board games

Once your kids get to a certain age, board games become a lot of fun and not just a box of pieces ready to be lost or stepped on. Today we’re rounding up our favorite educational games in the board game genre. We shared our favorite educational toys here, too if you’re looking!   1. Rory’s Story Cubes: You roll dice which become elements of your story and use your imagination to construct a tale for your other players. Great for artistic expression! 2. Let’s Go Fishin‘: This game is so good for fine motor skills. It’s also good for … Read more