It’s funny how some content for Small Fry gets planned days, weeks, even months in advance, and then sometimes we’re scrambling to recreate a post after the magic already happened. This is one of those posts!

Jenna had her niece over for a sleep-over and decided to make it a little extra special. Using stuff around the house, like a family sized camping tent in their living room, twinkle lights (headed for storage with the rest of the Christmas decor) for a starry sky, adult-supervised s’mores over the stove, and tin foil dinners to make it all feel authentic. Although the uncontrollable giggling emitted from the thin tent walls was more than enough magic for the evening!

So after, the sun had already risen, Quinn and cousin Arleigh had already (surprisingly!) slept the night through, we had to come in a snap a few pictures for memory’s sake.

A fun addtion to the events, that also goes along with our camping theme, is this darling woodland game by Educational Insights called Sneaky Snacky Squirrel. It is a perfect pre-school aged game that teaches coordination, strategy, handwriting and motor skills. We highly recommend for your three-on-uppers!

“Sorrow makes us all children again – destroys all differences of
intellect. The wisest know nothing.”
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

 This quote is especially poignant today with the news of the tragedies at Sandy Hook Elementary. We are sorrowful and disheartened at such unspeakable events and our hearts and prayers go out to each family effected. Since there are no words to lessen this tragedy, we will wait, and opportunities arise to give aid, we will be the first in line and will be sure to alert you of them as well. We are so grateful for the health and safety of our own families, and hope you squeeze your loved ones a little tighter today.

home cozy home

We’re in that funky time of year where there isn’t any snow (and hence no fun snow activities to be had) but it’s still bitter cold. We’ve been cataloging ideas for great indoor activities to do with our kids that don’t involve a screen, and Roxy Marj is topping the list!

The Roxy Marj Etsy shop is incredible and has such a vast collection of cool pieces, and we especially love the coloring posters! While it takes some restraint from the more controlling sides of us, letting the boys fill it with color provided us all a morning of fun and an awesome piece of art for our walls.

Head to Roxy Marj on Etsy to see the series of coloring posters, we all have the “Home Cozy Home” piece in our own houses and love it! And if you’re needing a jolt of creativity this morning, may we suggest Roxy Marj’s blog. Just try to go one page without pinning something.

five for fifteen

Do you have a fifteen month old? We have two over here and they are little tornadoes, aren’t they? So curious, so sensory, and always on the go. Sometimes getting five minutes of relative stillness can mean the world to a mom, and here are five ideas that will do just that. Just grab a few household items and prepare to be amazed.

Big thanks to our models Callum and Jude!

Activity: Throw a few small toys in bowl of rice and give your little a shovel.

Benefit(s): This is a great practice activity for hand eye coordination and perfecting their utensil using skills. Hopefully this will aid in a cleaner feeding time as they get more practice.

Activity: Using an ice tray, give them items to put in each ice cube section.

Benefit(s): Watch as their little tongues come out in concentration! Giving them opportunities to focus that aren’t in front of an over-stimulating screen of colors and sounds (ahem, TV) helps develop their brain in a more natural way. Sometimes we think our kids need more stimulation when they’re bored and causing mischief, when it’s actually the opposite.

Activity: Building cup towers just to knock them over.

Benefit(s): Learning to build and create patterns, stacking and unstacking are all great toddler activities. Also, a little controlled destruction can curb their appetite for doing it in the makeup drawers, or the roll of toilet paper, or the cupboards of pots and pans. Or maybe it makes it worse, our theory is still in the experimental phase. Either way, you can’t beat hearing those squeals of delight!

Activity: Transferring bouncy balls from bucket to bucket.

Benefit(s): More hand eye coordination, and more delightful shrieks at the plop! sounds the balls make into the bucket.

Activity: Baby shampoo finger painting.

Benefit(s): This one will sustain most ages, but our little ones love it so much! Get out your paint brushes, Q-tips, or scrub brushes and let them go wild. They will love their new found freedom to make a mess, and using baby soap makes for easy clean-up.

tiny yoga

We all have pretty energetic kiddos, and you probably do too! If you’ve ever tried to get them to just be still you know it’s like herding cats, it’s not easy.

When Nicole was practicing yoga in her living room she noticed her boy Dash was mesmerized and wanted to “play” too. After taking him through a few poses and stretches it seemed to be that he had stayed focused and attentive for the longest span in his three years of life.

We rounded up the rest of the crew to test this new hypothesis, if you turn on some calming music and start doing yoga, the children will come. The older the kids the better in this situation, but even the young kids loved it!

Because the instructions can be somewhat confusing for toddlers, Nicole created a way to guide them through the poses: a giant sun! We let them color their own suns on paper plates and then used the plates as a way to direct them.

Here’s the all too darling instructions Yogini Nicole gave our Tiny Yogis for a standard sun salutation. Just try not to laugh when they’re very seriously barking at the sun!

“Sit down.
Put your legs out and in front of you and rub imaginary sunscreen on your feet, your legs, your tummy, your chest, your arms, and all the way up to your head.  Now you’re ready to play in the sun!

Show me your suns everyone!

Where does the sun live? Way up high in the sky, stand up and reach the sun to the sky, stretch it as high as it can go.

Spread the sunshine all the way down to the earth. Set the sun down infront of you.

Kneel down like a dog (downward facing dog), then bark at the sun.

Bend down and give the sun 3 kisses (child’s pose.)

Lay down on your tummy like a snake, hiss at the sun (upward facing dog.)

Push up on your arms and be as flat as a board (plank.)

Then, jump your feet to your hands! Stand up, and put the sun back up, super high in the sky.”

(Repeat if desired.)

nature hunt

Fall is absolutely all around us this past week and we had to take the kids up in the mountains to see it all. Looking at leaves isn’t exactly thrilling for anyone pre-college years, so we put together an easy scavenger hunt to buy us some time to take it all in and give them something fun to do.

Nature WalkNature Walk BoysNature Scavenger HuntNature Scavenger Hunt

Was a bone on the hunt list? Nope. Isn’t it funny what kids fixate on? Anytime they found something small enough we’d tape it on with washi tape.

Exploring Nature with Kids

This is definitely geared towards a younger crowd, but it was a hit! They held on tight to their papers and ran around yelling “Let’s explore!”  Download your own below! Clip art Images obtained via

Also, you can see more images on our facebook page!

peach jam sale

What? Another peach post? We know, we definitely took advantage of peach season around these parts. This is the last one, promise. While we would have had no problem eating every last jar of our Peach Basil Jam , one of our own Quinn has been hassling his mom for a big boy bike. We talked it over and noticed that all our big boys have been a little bit “asky” lately. It got us thinking about how we could teach them a little bit more about work and earning fun things. When we asked them, Dash said he’d like to earn Super Fast Running Shoes, and Hayes was thrilled at the thought of earning yet another “Light-bean A-Queen.”

So while the task at hand surely created more work for us then them, they seemed to grasp the concept and were so thrilled to see neighbors lining up to buy their jam.

We set up the stand for them, brought in a festive peach shaped balloon bouquet and bunting flag, and forced them into some tiny aprons with our Peach Basil Jam brand. We topped all our jars with the downloadable labels, printed onto adhesive paper and tied with green baker’s twine.

The neighbors loved it, Quinn is currently riding a two wheeler around the neighborhood, Dash is running in his new shoes yelling “Super Fast! Super Fast!”, and Hayes had his mom tuck Light-Bean into bed with him last night.

If you’re making the Peach Basil Jam, which we’re certain you are, feel free to download our jam lid label below!