reader favorites 2015

We are loving seeing all the top 9 posts of 2015 on Instagram, so for our last post of the year we wanted to know what your top posts were on Small Fry! We know not every post can be a hit, but we always love seeing what resonates with you all and here’s what worked in 2015. We can’t wait to see you back here in 2016 with more Small Fry style and more of what we know you love. 1. Why I Chose to Bottlefeed. This post went crazy and we think its because it gave a voice … Read more

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small fry #8

By Emily. So so happy to have this news to share today! Russ and I are expecting and due this Summer! You all know this one has taken a bit longer than we anticipated and I feel so fortunate to get another chance at pregnancy. If you’re interested, I wanted to share some info about this pregnancy, some FAQs if you will. 😉 First, my due date is 4th of July! Just two weeks shy of my pregnancy last year. This time last year I was heartbroken, I couldn’t sing a single Christmas song because singing the word “baby” made … Read more

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Book Guide: BIG Kids

We have covered a lot of different kinds of books – catch them all here! But today is all about the bigger kids. That next step in reading to and with your kids when they’re ready for something more substantial and they have one million questions about the world. We always make sure to gift at least one book under the Christmas tree and here’s several we love that we’d recommend for 5 years and up.  Home – a look into all kinds of places people all over the world call “Home” // Diary of Time Traveler – a peek into … Read more

gift guide: bike + helmet

Priority Bikes

So many of you let us know you were on the hunt for a bike for one or more of your kids this Holiday and here’s what we’re suggesting this holiday. Priority Bikes are relatively new to the scene, with a crazy successful Kickstarter only just last year! Based in NYC you’ll see why we love these: Perhaps the best feature of the “Priority Start” bikes for kids are their tires don’t require air. This innovative style is so great for our kids who rarely want to stop to refill those tires, and who haven’t yet learned to avoid things … Read more

v-tech innotab max

Over the past few years we’ve shared lots and lots of iOS apps and games, and each time we do our Android friends are like, “Hey! What about us?” We’re so happy to share this product with you today! VTech InnoTab® Max is an Android-based tablet for kids, and the built-in features are pretty much endless. And with their Learning Lodge app store you can easily add to your library of educational games as your kids grow! Ready to check it out with us?The first feature we love is that all the games are vetted and approved by trained adolescent … Read more