Alamo Chief Travel Guide #1

As a part of my yearlong partnership as an Alamo Chief Travel Guide, my very first post for them went live today! If you’ve ever wondered how to travel alone with your infant or toddler, I’ve shared all my best tips from trips past on their site today. Twelve ideas packed to make your travels smooth sailing with your baby. I am super excited to partner all year long and big thanks in advance for all your support! Check it out it here and tell me what you think: Traveling Alone with Baby Checklist SaveSave SaveSave

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kids with intense feelings

I spoke about my intense child the other day on Insta Stories and it erupted in some really good conversation. I promised several of you that I would get all the goods into a post and here it is! There are truly so many of us, I hope that the more we are open and honest about our challenges with these kids who feel deeply and are still learning how to navigate those feelings, the better ALL our situations will become. More tools, more ideas, more compassion, more understanding, more light and laughter and fun, too! There are several amazing … Read more

A look back at New Year, New Baby

Here are some favorites from the archives! NEW MOM ADVICE from Ashley of the Shine Project // The Girls With Glasses // Jenny Komenda of Little Green Notebook // Liz of Say Yes! // Anna of In Honor of Design // Danielle of Sometimes Sweet // Little Baby Garvin // The Brickyard Buffalo Girls // And a whole slew of blogger favorites sharing what They Didn’t Expect When They Were Expecting! Essays on Postpartum Depression. BIRTH STORIES! Jenna’s crazy birth story, Emily’s crazy birth story and Callum’s birth video: Cal de Lune // Frame family from Collin Kartchner on Vimeo. HITS from our ADOPTION … Read more

Cairn Co.

One of my favorite parts of Small Fry (and why I keep doing Bijou Market each year) is being able to help promote small businesses! I’ve started a few in my day and know just how much courage and determination and work goes into it. I don’t think I could count how many small businesses we’ve shared on Small Fry over the years, and I won’t ever stop!Today is a fun one because it’s a long time friend from ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Candace and I went to school together for a handful of years and she has always had such a … Read more