Alt Summit 2014 Recap

This year we admittedly bit off more than we should chew with our week with Cricut + Alt Summit. With the Cricut Explore Launch Party at the beginning of the week, planning, creating and decorating a sponsor dinner, teaching two roundtables, hosting a craft lounge, we were so swamped! This is no exaggeration, we had time to attend only bits and pieces of a few panels. Why do we do this to ourselves? It’s that “Dream Big” motto we’re always chanting, we suppose. Alt was such a great opportunity to meet friends we’ve been in correspondence with for the past … Read more

midway ice castles

If you live near Midway Utah or Breckenridge Colorado or Lincoln New Hampshire, you are in for a real treat. Ice Castles is a man-made dream world and we took the boys to check it out! They’ve all been enjoying the movie and soundtrack to Frozen (who hasn’t?) so our trip was perfectly timed. We’ve got some tips we learned to make your experience even better, let’s go!   Wear boots. With so much foot traffic the ground is loose and you’ll find yourself stepping in foot deep snow at times!     Buy tickets in advance. The line to … Read more

cozy indoor play

flatout frankie cardboard toys & skylar luna pjs

A couple of months ago we sent Jenna to Las Vegas for the ABC Kids Expo. It’s one of the largest collections of brands for kids in the world and we were so excited for the chance to go! Jenna kept us up to speed with pictures and when she sent an image of the Flat Out Frankie booth, we were all drooling. Based in New Zealand, and all constructed out of 100% recyclable materials, they are all about promoting creative and active play. Now, before you ask why not DIY it, let us tell you: we’ve tried! Handling and … Read more

fairy birds [giveaway!]

Today we are helping to celebrate the launch of new children’s book Fairy Birds! We called upon our favorite band of sisters, Avery, Quincey and Lola to help us conduct a proper review. In the first book of the series, the Fairy Birds go on a soaring adventure to grow their first colorful feather, the pink “Givie” feather, which they grow as they give to others.The book is full of infectious illustrations, delightful color, fashionable characters and a secret message–to help, serve, and care for others! The authors and founders, twin sisters Heather and Heidi, have a long running hair accessory … Read more

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throwback tuesday

throw back games for kids

A few weeks ago we stumbled up on an image, which we quickly pinned here, and it got us thinking about all the activities and games that were so simple in nature but have sort of fallen off the radar. Games that our grandparents used to play, our parents, and even ourselves. We got really excited about showing our boys some of these and here’s a few we tried out together, a little Throwback Tuesday if you will. And because you know we love a good theme, we chad to use Appaman and Crocs perfectly retro pieces to help us dress the boys for … Read more