neighborhood story time | caitlin wilson textiles

neighborhood story time || caitlin wilson textiles

This post is brought to you by Caitlin Wilson Textiles, high quality fabrics and pillows to brighten up any home. Enter SF15 at check out for 15% off! Whether you have a tight-knit neighborhood community, or are looking for ways to better get to know your neighbors, this simple idea is sure to be a hit! For this Neighborhood Storytime we simply sent out texts (fliers on doors would work well, too!) to neighbors to bring their favorite story to read to the group. Right as the sun went down pajama’d kids piled on blankets and pillows and we each took … Read more

An Honest Camp Out

This post is brought to you by The Honest Company. When Honest (keep reading for a coupon code for Small Fry readers!) approached us about going on a Summer adventure with some of their new products, our first thought was camping! We’ve been wanting to go on a Small Fry family camping trip since Spring but one thing we always seem to forget hit us, camping is a LOT of work! With six kids under four we may not be in the camping season of our lives but we decided we would give it a shot anyway. So we decided to try … Read more

chalk games

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Today’s adventure is perfect for any kid no matter where they live. All you need is a sidewalk, an empty driveway or garage. Chalk Games will give you endless fun, here’s three we put to the test: Chalk portraits! Have a buddy do an outline and then get to work on a self-portrait. Bring a judge in to guess whose portrait belongs to who for prizes. Musical Farm! Like Musical Chairs, but with a little lesson in animal sounds mixed in. Once the music stops they have to find an unoccupied animal, and then do a convincing and correct impersonation … Read more

Sweet Made Sweeter

This post is brought to you by Wendy’s new Frosty Waffle Cone, where good times are made sweeter! We went on a Small Fry family vacation last weekend in the mountains and had such a lovely time together. We didn’t see our big boys all weekend it seemed as they were off playing together for a solid seventy-two hours. To get some quality time in together we headed to the park for a game of kickball. Our big boys are getting to the age where they can be involved in team sports. We can remember when we were little and … Read more

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cooper & kid

Would you believe us if we said we actually have a few male readers? It’s true, (hi dads!) we’ve even heard from a couple of them and they could not be sweeter. One specifically asked us to touch on what fun things he could do with his kids after a long day of work. I think so many parents can relate to that desire and want to create wonderful memories together, but being so exhausted it stops us sometimes. Yes we’d love to build a rocket together, but by the time you get all the supplies it’s dark outside and … Read more