fairy birds [giveaway!]

Today we are helping to celebrate the launch of new children’s book Fairy Birds! We called upon our favorite band of sisters, Avery, Quincey and Lola to help us conduct a proper review. In the first book of the series, the Fairy Birds go on a soaring adventure to grow their first colorful feather, the pink “Givie” feather, which they grow as they give to others.The book is full of infectious illustrations, delightful color, fashionable characters and a secret message–to help, serve, and care for others! The authors and founders, twin sisters Heather and Heidi, have a long running hair accessory … Read more

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throwback tuesday

throw back games for kids

A few weeks ago we stumbled up on an image, which we quickly pinned here, and it got us thinking about all the activities and games that were so simple in nature but have sort of fallen off the radar. Games that our grandparents used to play, our parents, and even ourselves. We got really excited about showing our boys some of these and here’s a few we tried out together, a little Throwback Tuesday if you will. And because you know we love a good theme, we chad to use Appaman and Crocs perfectly retro pieces to help us dress the boys for … Read more

fishing adventure

Taking the boys fishing has been on our Summer to-do list and look at us pulling through in the Eleventh Hour! There are actually a few fisheries nearby, this one in particular was a hit with its sandy “beaches” and families of ducks and ducklings waddling around. Dash’s tank top was perfect for the occasion, find it here. With a couple poles, a can of bait, a net for back up, the boys waited patiently for awhile before they found other things to catch like floating moss and puddles to splash in! It was such a serene evening and it … Read more

bookworms: land of nod

land of nod | children's books

Last October we gathered ten of our favorite bloggers and asked them about their most beloved books to read to their kids. We loved hearing all of your favorite book additions (check out the hundreds of comments here for lots more children’s books ideas!) We loved that mini-series so much we are happy to bring it back today with more of our favorite picks from The Land of Nod! They have the most flawless assortment of beautiful children’s books and we each reviewed a few with our kids. First up: Jenna, Quinn and Jude! Trucks Go by Steve Light truly the … Read more

neighborhood story time | caitlin wilson textiles

neighborhood story time || caitlin wilson textiles

This post is brought to you by Caitlin Wilson Textiles, high quality fabrics and pillows to brighten up any home. Enter SF15 at check out for 15% off! Whether you have a tight-knit neighborhood community, or are looking for ways to better get to know your neighbors, this simple idea is sure to be a hit! For this Neighborhood Storytime we simply sent out texts (fliers on doors would work well, too!) to neighbors to bring their favorite story to read to the group. Right as the sun went down pajama’d kids piled on blankets and pillows and we each took … Read more