FRYday : Nicole

Those of you who know me personally, and maybe some of you who don’t, know that our little family has been learning quite a lot about addiction over the last few years. We’ve seen it in all stages, and felt just about every emotion as we have been in the midst of it. Some days I can stare it bravely in the face, and others, I feel hopeless want to hide and let it win. I have to be honest, most days, it’s the latter. But on both of these kinds of days, I have to sit back and say … Read more

Small Fry for Love Leeves Pillows

Design Collaborations are so fun for us, we get to share our ideas and sketches and then watch someone with far more talent put it all together! Love Leeves created these pillows with Small Fry in mind and they launch today! We wanted to share them with you and also offer you 25% her shop (“SMALLFRY25″ at check-out.) Love Leeves is a company run by Lauren, a true Californian as you can tell by her designs, who over the last few years has developed quite the celebrity clientele! Read all about it on her About page, but first, check out how … Read more

FRYday : Jenna

A few days ago I asked readers on Facebook what they would like to hear from me this week on FRYday. I loved all the suggestions and will be using them all as prompts in the future. I’m still so flattered that our readers love to hear from us, we are so blessed by this community. My friend and loyal reader Kat Clark said “Tell me what you like about yourself and why that’s okay. And then tell me what you like most about your boys.” I LOVE THIS. Kat is the type of friend who reminds you what you … Read more

Lockers Three Ways

Small Fry Nurseries | Hayes sent us three mini lockers to try out and as predicted our boys are loving them! Here’s how we incorporated them into our homes. DASH Do you live with your very own mini superhero? Nicole is so lucky, during this five minute photoshoot Dash changed from Captain America, to Spiderman, to the Flash. This is their lives, all day everyday, so Dash’s locker of course became a storage system for his Hero Uniforms (don’t call them costumes.) It is the perfect vibrant red, and with a few hooks, stores masks, weapons, and gear. Dash’s his costumes via Amazon: Flash Costume, Spiderman and Captain … Read more

Exclusive Puj Treads Launch and Giveaway!

Puj Bath Treads Launch

We’re so excited to finally be able to share the exclusive launch and giveaway with our friends at Puj! We are long time supporters of Puj, we interviewed owner, founder, a mama Katie Richardson here and with every new product they launch we only love them more. So we are of course flattered and thrilled to be exclusively launching their new bath treads on Small Fry today! Check out Katie sharing the ins and outs of these treads: One thing we love about Puj is that they have created a whole bath time experience. Each product relates and compliments the rest, and … Read more