small fry favorite: fridababy

YOU GUYS. Have you seen fridababy products? If not you might be living under a rock or not going to Target, but let us enlighten you! Fridababy makes some of our VERY favorite products you had no idea would enrich your life so greatly. They are so innovative while still easy to use. Let’s break it down. NoseFrida // Ever have a stuffed up baby that can not breathe and therefore cannot sleep so NO one is sleeping? Yeah this is your best friend. It’s a little bit weird at first, but trust us, mucous doesn’t stand a chance against it. … Read more


As usual our end of week tradition is here! This month one of our favorite coupon sites, Groupon is featuring us on their homepage! We were so flattered to hear this and to celebrate we wanted to incorporate a couple of our favorite Groupon deals into our ritual post. Things we’re using and loving and best of all, saving money on! JENNA: WEARING: I’ve been heavily addicted to Anthropologie dresses. Yes they’re more expensive than a regular dress but they’re SUCH good quality that stand the test of time! These ones are also (of course) nursing friendly. I wore them to … Read more


Happy weekend everyone! Jenna is repping us at an Orbit event this weekend that is going to be a great time! We’ll be sharing on socials (and our neglected SnapChat that we’re trying to better with @smallfryblog) and recapping next week! In the meantime, here’s what we’re thinking about this week: EMILY: Wearing: I saw this pic of model Gigi Hadid and let out an audible gasp. Her LIPS! A total nod to the nineties, but it feels fresh and modern to me. And, I didn’t wear makeup until the 2000’s so I’m in the clear to give this a … Read more

babyganics [giveaway!]

You all know of our love for Babyganics – check out how we use their products for everyday cleaning, when our kids are sick, and today we’re sharing a little bit about a new product they launched, their Daily Lotion + SPF! Once you’re done reading don’t forget to enter to win $100 gift card to Target where one lucky winner can shop all of the Made to Matter brands, and this Daily Lotion + SPF that is exclusive to Target!  One thing we tend to forget when Summer is over, is that our kids are still being exposed to … Read more


Happy weekend everyone! We’ll be spending the next several weekends working hard on hosting a party with our friends at Munchkin and June & January in NYC! We’re so excited to go back and sourcing a party from across the country should be interesting. If you’re a party vendor or NYC local shop, we want to hear from you, email us! And, as usual, here’s what’s on our minds this week. NICOLE: Wearing: Loving oversize lately. Picked these up and loving both! Madewell has got a hold on me this fall  Button-down / Oversized Tee Decorating: Love this sleek chair addition to my living … Read more