heart awareness month

For Valentine’s Day and also Heart Awareness Month we are grateful to have Kierra, mom to Evanna sharing their story with CHD. Congenital heart defects are the #1 birth defect, with nearly one of every 100 babies born with a congenital heart defect – ranging from a small hole, to extremely complex. Congenital heart defects are the #1 cause of birth defect related deaths, and the leading cause of all infant deaths in North America. More than 50% of all children born with congenital heart defect will require at least one invasive surgery in their lifetime. Little is known about … Read more

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PO.P Art

We’re always excited when brands take a special interest in exciting imagery and design that boys (and girls) will love!  We just wanted to share Polarn O. Pyret’s new PO.P Art line of limited edition posters and t-shirts, which are all so vibrant and modern and right up Small Fry’s alley.   Here’s how we’ve stuck them into our decor: The style has that fine art quality, you can see the brush strokes and splatters and it all feels very youthful but still clean.   Even in three very different homes the poster pops!   Enter to win a $200 … Read more

yoobi [giveaway!]

This post is brought to you by Yoobi. As we mentioned yesterday, we have an awesome giveaway today both here on the blog and on our Instagram with Small Fry favorite, Yoobi! Yoobi has swept us away this year with their vibrant, youthful, high quality arts and crafts supplies. They have ignited excitement back into even the most simple creative moments with our kids. On top of their amazing products, for every Yoobi purchase made at Target or Yoobi.com, they donate an item to a classroom in need right here in the U.S.! Yoobi aims to impact more than 30,000 K-3rd grade classrooms … Read more

Plate Glass at my Party

Today we have an important post by one brave reader and friend, Marylin. We feel really fortunate that she was willing to come forward and share her experience so candidly. We also wanted to note that while we were prepping for this important post we learned some information that we thought might be beneficial to share. We tried at first to contrast baby blues with Postpartum Depression, put them on a nice neat little chart, but after consulting with family physcian Dr. Erika Noonan we learned an important piece to this puzzle. Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression are nearly exactly the … Read more

mamaroo giveaway [closed]

Congratulations to Kimberly N. for winning this giveaway! Another awesome giveaway for you guys today, via the geniuses over at 4moms! We’ve shared our love of the mamaRoo before, (remember when they gifted them to NICU moms for us two Christmases ago? We love them forever!) but we hadn’t had any new Small Fries of our own to really test them out. Time to get to work, Lolly! We’re going to share our favorite features later on but before you get to reading, you can enter to win one for yourself!   Now for a little info on why we love … Read more