bookworms: part two + giveaway [closed]

This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to entry #87! Part Two. Read Part One here and be sure to enter the giveaway to win all ten books below! >> Sydney of The Daybook: I think one of the things that surprised me most during my first year of motherhood, is how quickly my son Everett seemed to absorb the idea of reading a book. Even when surrounded by his toy blocks, music makers and plenty of other things that I would’ve thought to be more interesting to a curious and easily distracted mind, he will sit down and look at a book. … Read more

bookworms: part one

It seems like ages since we wrote our very first post (a real tear-jerker that makes us cry even today!) here at Small Fry and yet it was only a few weeks ago! While we’ve shared a lot of ideas in these few weeks, some elaborate, some inconsequential, it could be said that none will connect us more readily to our kids than sitting down and reading a book with them. Watching their little backsides settle into our laps, smelling their hair, feeling their soft skin on our arms and legs, watching their chubby fingers turn the pages. Feeling their chests rise … Read more

meet a small fry: ollie

Images by Jessica Peterson Photo Our little friend Oliver is absolutely one of a kind. He has the most zesty personality and unrelenting imagination. Everyone loves Ollie and even just being in the same room with him can cheer you up. In the matter of a day Ollie has been five different super heroes, animals, villains, and characters. He is loving and caring and so full of life. We knew for our first Small Fry interview Ollie had to be the one. What is your name? I’m Ollie How old are you? 4 Who is your mom? Lindsay What does … Read more

Small Fry Films: Summertime

We’re so thrilled to introduce the first in our ongoing series that features children we know you’ll love and mothers who will inspire you. For our inaugural film feature, meet Ann and her two boys, Jude and August. Ann leads a beautiful life and it is evident in all she does that she is a fiercely devoted and loving mother to her boys. And when those boys look at her with stars in their eyes, you can tell they think the world of her too. Ann owns the Etsy shop institution Lou and Lee, has the most incredible mid-century home … Read more